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Professor Dr Sava V Perovic always invited scrutiny of his education, qualifications, decades of experience, credentials, and surgical expertise. On this page we’ve provided some fundamental information for our site visitors interested in learning more about this legendary surgeon.

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If you are considering female genital modification, male genital modification, this info will help you discuss with your personal physician the possible benefits, risks and potential complications of having the Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team perform your surgery.

The Perovic Surgical Team came to Thailand a number of times in the past but has no plans to return to the Far East. And we feel there is no surgeon in Thailand who can come close to providing surgical solutions approaching those of the Perovic Foundation.

Thailand's most senior, most successful, most respected, most famous plastic surgeons periodically go to the Sava Perovic Foundation for advanced training. They were among Dr Perovic's closest friends and remain some of Foundation Chairman Dr Rados Djinovic's closest friends.

Here you will find answers to these and other questions:

Dr. Sava V. Perovic: The Bridge Between Urology & Plastic Surgery

Medical Association Memberships of Dr Sava Perovic

Dr Perovic is a member of 17 prestigious professional associations, societies and academies:

Who was Professor Dr Sava V Perovic, MD, PhD?

Dr Perovic was a professor of urology, surgery and pediatric surgery at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. (Formerly Yugoslavia.)

Dr. Sava V. Perovic: Bridge Between Urology and Plastic Surgery

For many, many years and until his death, he headed the Department of Urology at the University Children's Hospital, also in Belgrade, where he was born on 21 February 1947.

The professor's pioneering work regarding genital modification built a bridge over the gap between urology and plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, leading to him being widely regarded as the world's very best top urological surgeon, especially for children with congenital defects & urethral anomalies.

He was a medical doctor (MD) from May 1973 when he graduated from University of Belgrade's School of Medicine until his untimely death in April 2010.

Dr Perovic acquired his Master's degree there in October 1979 and got his doctorate degree (PhD) in June 1982.

He was a surgeon of the University of Belgrade's School of Medicine from October 1978, a urologist from December 1980, and a Professor of Surgery and Urology there from May 1991.

‘Visiting’ Professor Dr Sava V Perovic

Dr Perovic was a visiting professor at many European, American and Asian universities, including: (Note: that this list lacks his activities of the past seven years!)