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Dental Implants (Paragon/Nobel Biocare teeth implants)
US$2,500-3,200 per tooth

Laser Teeth Whitening US$315

Affordable Dentures (false teeth) US$750 full mouth

Root Canal Procedure (incisor) [procedure in which diseased nerve/pulp/ inside core of badly decayed or damaged tooth causing inflammation and swelling is removed and space filled and sealed with dental cement]
US$130 per tooth

Root Canal Therapy (premolar)
US$150 per tooth

Root Canal Treatment (molar)
US$220-260 per tooth

Tooth Extraction (pulling teeth out) US$25 per tooth

Affordable Dental Care Cleaning (full mouth) US$30

Composite Dental Veneers US$115 per tooth (laminates)

Porcelain Dental Veneers (Empress) US$350 per tooth

Cosmetic Dental Surgery removal of wisdom teeth US$65-150 per tooth

Gum and Periodontal Dental Surgery US$100-310

Teeth Bleaching (conventional) US$175

Non-Vital Teeth Bleaching US$45 per tooth

Dental Caries & Tooth Decay Repair | Mercury Fillings | Amalgam Fillings | Dental Fillings | Dental Cavities | Silver Fillings | Tooth Fillings

White Fillings of synthetic composite resin (tooth colored fillings to solve tooth decay, front tooth ache, dental caries, dental cavities)
US$30 per surface

Non-Metal Fillings (tooth fillings for tooth infection solution) US$20 per surface

Amalgam Dental Fillings [mercury fillings made of mercury, silver, lead, copper alloy also known as silver fillings]: US$25 per surface

Stainless Steel Dental Crown US$45-55 per tooth

Gingivitis Treatment and Periodontal Disease Treatment US$10 per tooth

Sealant US$15 per tooth

Decalcified Tooth Treatment
US$35 per tooth

Fluoride Application US$20 per tooth

Canine Build-Up US$110 US$per tooth

Diastema Closure (closing a gap between teeth) US$110 per hole

Cosmetic Dentist

Orthodontist Treatment (straighten crooked teeth with fixed appliance): US$1,800

Orthodontists Treatment (realign teeth with removable appliance):
US$180 per piece

Skyce Dental Jewelry US$45 per tooth