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I have no psychiatric approval letters as stipulated in the Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association) but I'm ready for sex change. Will you do my surgery?

ALL hospitals and ALL surgeons to whom we refer patients adhere to the WPATH Standards of Care. In other words, they ALL require an ORIGINAL letter from a psychiatrist documenting your suitability for sexual reassignment surgery and approving it.

Some require additional psychiatric evaluation by their own Thai shrink.

And they want documentation showing the type and length of your hormone replacement therapy and living in the target gender role.

Any surgeon anywhere who does not require psychiatric approval for the surgery — RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Do you have orchiectomy for transsexuals available? If you do, what's the price?

A number of Thai surgeons use scrotal skin to create the female looking external genitalia during their male to female surgery. For that reason, they decline to do an orchiectomy (transgender orchidectomy) alone. They recommend it be done at the same time as SRS surgery MtF because if the testicles are removed before SRS, it causes the scrotal skin to shrink which is not ideal for their variation of the MtF transsexual surgery. specifically about your case.

Best MtF is available from Dr Djinovic in Belgrade, not in Thailand which puts primary emphasis on aesthetics, not function and living in the real world.

When MtF transsexuals get butchered anywhere in the world or end up with Frankenstein results, Dr Djinovic is the one they ask to sort out the mess.

Can you recommend genital plastic surgery in Thailand?

No. The surgeons with the highest profiles and who are the most famous learn from Dr Djinovic in Belgrade, Serbia so better to go straight to the best.

In Asia, we currently only recommend Dr Kim Jin Hong MD PhD of the Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Institute in Seoul, South Korea.

What about getting a penile prosthesis in Thailand?

We consider genitals rather important.

Nobody in the world does penile prosthesis implantation as well as Sava Perovic Foundation.

Because the surgical results offered everywhere have serious drawbacks, including Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, etc, etc, etc we cannot recommend anyone anywhere except Dr Rados Djinovic.

Are you one of those Thailand medical tourist agencies?

Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.com can be categorized as a “medical tourist agency” in Thailand although many of the people who contact us are coming for procedures which won't make them feel like taking a tour.

And we are perhaps the only pro-Thailand medical tourist agency that actively discourages people from coming to Thailand for many types of surgery.

Thailand has CHANGED a lot in the past several years and, generally speaking, now follows the American model of healthcare for profit, not for the benefit of the citizenry.

Many Thai hospitals charge as much as the USA or London. ALL have racist pricing policies. Foreigners pay more. Why? Because Thai people are poor and foreigners are rich? Come and see if Thailand is poor.

Good value for money surgery in Thailand is more or less ancient history with a few exceptions.

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