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Asia's leading alcohol treatment center for drug alcohol rehab is a sprawling private rehab center that provides English-speaking clients 16-years-of-age and older with a spacious bunglow during their entire residential alcohol treatment. It is located on the banks of the Thai river made famous in the 1957 film “Bridge over the River Kwai” starring William Holden.

The British director of this first class drug and alcohol treatment center is a therapist with 15 years experience in drug alcohol rehab and the certified rehabilitation counselor has worked exclusively in drug alcohol rehab for 14 years. A medical doctor is on call 24 hours each day, seven days a week. All staff on the highly qualifed international team have degrees and certificates in their field of expertise.

Alcohol treatment center rehab care

This alcohol treatment center is an excellent choice for celebrity rehab and allows smoking. A wife, husband or significant other can accompany the client during alcohol and drug rehab treatment — even small children. The large tropical rain forest setting is peaceful and far removed from any access to drugs and alcohol. It is spread over nearly 25,000 m2 (more than 260,000 ft2) of uneven terrain so appropriate only for persons who have no disability affecting their mobility.

The food, location and accommodations are excellent but this beautiful residential alcohol treatment center provides an intensive drug alcohol rehab program that requires clients to work full days, six days a week. It includes 21 hours of individual and group therapy sessions comprised of three one-on-one therapy sessions and four hours of relapse prevention. A dedicated support team takes care of all food and washing so you can concentrate exclusively on recovery.

Residential alcohol treatment center rehab care with certified rehabilitation counselor

Affordable alcohol treatment centers can sometimes lack flexibility. Not here. Internet and email access are provided in the lobby and there is a wireless network if you bring your computer. Cell phones and smoking are permitted. You can swim in the large free-form pool, enjoy a workout in the gym, play sports, watch DVDs, relax on the spacious veranda of your private, air-conditioned bungalow, read a book from the library or do some target practice at the shooting range. And if you cannot get away for four weeks, the modular substance abuse recovery program has a shorter two-week package.

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This secular drug and alcohol treatment center is not affiliated with any religion. It welcomes men and women of any faith, nationality, political belief or sexual orientation needing any type of drug addiction treatment, not only alcoholism. Court appointed drug alcohol rehab is accepted. Reports to the court on the residential alcohol treatment can be provided.

A licensed, board certified, English-speaking and experienced physician is on call at all times. Any needed medical services are provided by an excellent private hospital.

Drug alcohol rehab care

The alcohol treatment center's alcohol detox and rehab care is supervised and provided by members of the British Society of Brief Strategic Therapists and the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapists.

This holistic solution is NOT Alcoholics Anonymous, A.A. or Alanon and NOT the 12 step program of AA. It is alternative alcohol treatment and one of the alternatives to alcoholics anonymous. There are more similarities then differences between the cognitive behavioral therapy of this alcohol treatment center and the 12 step program. This drug alcohol rehab care includes a 3-month aftercare package to support clients after they leave. Anyone who wants to join the Alcoholics Anonymous organization when they return home will be assisted in doing so.

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment

For more photos or information about the effective substance abuse recovery program of this drug and alcohol treatment center, read our news article about it.

The 28-day alcohol and drug rehab treatment costs GBP £7,995, the equivalent of about US$15,750± [Euro €10200±]. to get more information directly from Asia's premier alcohol treatment center.

28-Day Alcohol Treatment Center
GBP £7,995
US$15,800 ±
Euro €10200 ±

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