Surgery Overseas A to Z

Not only plastic surgery abroad is available from the international hospitals of Bangkok but also most other surgical treatment and quality health care of all types. Some people think that only surgery mentioned on our price list is available. That's not the case.

photo: Whether a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, oral surgeon or plastic surgeon, medical tourism in Thailand offers it all.

Although a Bangkok quality health care provider or two publish package prices for the most popular procedures, many calculate health care services and surgery overseas on a case-by-case basis. Below is a partial list of the surgery and affordable health care services available. If you need any of these and cannot find the cost on our surgery abroad price list, and we'll get a quotation from an advanced health care facility or surgery center in Bangkok. Medical tourism Thailand offers:

photo: Medical tourist health care services

If you are coming to Thailand for a holiday or vacation, take advantage of the low-cost of our numerous quality health care services, treatments and procedures besides surgery. If you are getting surgery, you can make your trip an even better bargain by getting other things taken care of such as dental care. You may find that just a few of these in the USA would cost more than your airfare to Thailand.