Chapter 5
“Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer”

Breast Cancer, Sinus Cancer, Lung Cancer

“Physical Health Room” Thai Blog Post #12
10 May 2009: Breast Cancer Victim

I would like to share our experience. My wife had a lump in her left breast. We planned to have a check up after this last New Year. There were no symptoms that we could detect before, with the exception of tenderness around her left nipple. It looked like a wound resulting from rubbing against the bra.

She started to complain about two years ago, but we did not pay attention to it until we accidentally found a lump in her breast. We considered seeing a doctor right away. However, after the New Year, she began to feel pain and we thought that it could be caused by her period. I was not very sure but believed that it shouldn’t be cancer.

Cancer Patient Testimonials - Chapter 5 of 'Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer' book

We went to see a doctor at Bang Na Hospital 1. The doctor performed a minor operation to take tissue samples. After the operation, we went straight home. We lived in the On-nut area and had to go past Seacon Square Shopping Center, so we stopped by to eat. The incision was about two inches across, and was not very painful.

The doctor told us to check the results on 28 January 2009. My wife went alone first and I would pick her up later, thinking that the cyst was only a fat particle. I called her mobile phone when I expected that she would already know the results.

She was crying helplessly and was unable to talk. It told me that she had received bad news. I went to pick her up and we hugged each other, crying for a while. I consoled her, saying that there should be a way to cure it, as it probably was not too serious, although in my mind, I felt confused and did not feel much different than she did. My wife said that it was as if she had heard an execution order. I felt that we should be spending any time we had left the best we could.

Bang Na Hospital 1 probably did not have any experts (in this field) and sent my wife to one of the reputable government hospitals for treatment. Later we found out that hospital had a special team for treating breast cancer. We came as per the instruction sheet from Bang Na Hospital 1 and got a waiting number to see the doctor.

By the time it was our turn, it was nearly noon and my wife was the last patient waiting. I ran into a doctor while waiting in front of the check-up room (that had its front door left slightly open), and saw that he was frowning. He was peeking at some results that had “Bang Na Hospital 1” printed in English with medical terminology of which I had a little understanding (and I guessed the rest).

I somewhat understood, but did not tell my wife how serious it was. She tried to ask but I kept avoiding the question by saying that I did not understand at all and we should wait to ask the doctor.

While I was sitting in the room with her, the doctor explained the treatment and operation (to remove the cancer tissues as soon as possible). Then he issued orders for different types of tests prior to operation. The word “URGENT” was stamped on each order. In addition, when the people in various departments that we had to visit that afternoon saw us, the expressions on their faces suddenly changed. I noticed that they acted as if we were VIPs and hurried to assist us. I wondered if they felt she was very ill and wanted to make her feel better.

Afterwards, while waiting for the necessary documents, there were fewer people as most of the patients had already started to leave. I saw the doctor walking around in front of the check-up room. He came straight to us and quietly whispered, “Do you want to get well?”

My wife replied, “Of course!” Her face was still lined by dark streaks where tears had flowed. The doctor handed her a small piece of paper, on which was printed the name "Dr Sommai Tongprasert" and his phone number. He instructed us to tell no one. This information was to be between only us . We exchanged telephone numbers with him. Later, another doctor also asked for our phone numbers.

No more than 15 minutes later, my wife called the phone number that the doctor gave to her and told Dr Sommai about her case. He only told her to come meet him as soon as possible.

He was in Singburi so we went there the next day. Along the way, my wife and I could not imagine what we would see, or what Dr Sommai was like, or what methods he used to treat his patients.

The doctor who referred him to us told us to call him if we were going to see Dr Sommai. We did and he said to call him again once we were there. At first, we thought that the doctor probably wanted to talk to Dr Sommai, to tell him about the patient’s condition or to give us some guidelines. Instead, he only told us that we should do what Dr Sommai recommended.

We located Dr Sommai’s house rather easily by asking the motorcycle for hire only once. It seemed that everyone knew him. We met Dr Sommai, an old man who wore glasses and was hunched over. We found out later that he was 88 years old, but his voice told us that he was in excellent health. He walked briskly and in a lively manner.

There was a group of patients ahead of us — probably cancer patients just like us. We waited for our turn. My wife and I told him about our situation. I cried in front of him while confiding my feelings and asked him to help my wife. Dr Sommai told us about numerous past treatments and cases. I myself am a scientist and saw many well-organized stacks of patient cards.

We spent nearly two hours talking to the doctor. I really enjoyed our conversation with him, and gained a great deal of respect and trust in Dr Sommai to the point that my wife accused me of blindly worshiping him. However, I believed that Dr Sommai's work was a fact that could be proven time and again.

We talked to the doctor about his method of treatment. That day was 3 February 2009. We went home with a batch of medication — they were for boiling — and some red pills. The first set was to last for 20 days, and my wife was to take them three times a day.

That day we drove home happily, though I was still confused whether it was the right thing to do or not. I had many questions, which I myself could not answer, such as, why the doctor (at that big government hospital) told us not to tell anyone, and whether the herbal medicine which we had got was any good. Yet, we had no choice.

So many people gave us all kinds of recommendations: to see this or that doctor, to take different kinds of herbal medications, even to read books about karma. Starting a few days after my wife was diagnosed as a cancer patient, relatives who had heard the news gave us many suggestions. Her older sister called and talked for hours. My wife was so frustrated and felt like her head was going to explode during the first several days. I finally had to tell her to not pick up the phone and to not talk too long.

My wife started taking the first batch of medication on the evening of 3 February 2009. The herbal medicine did not taste as bitter as expected. The first night after taking her medicine, she felt like there were small needles pricking her all over the area where the lump was located.

I told her the feeling was probably due to the medicine working. However, I thought differently. I suspected that the cancer cells were fighting but did not say anything.

The following days, we followed his instructions fastidiously. On the evening of the fifth day my wife told me that the lump disappeared from the usual area where previously you could tell by putting your hand there and I had checked beforehand. But we found only part of it near the position where tissue on which to run tests had been taken earlier. She tried to hide her feelings out of fear that it was only her imagination.

By the next day, I could not stand it any longer and called Dr Sommai to tell him. He said that he had already told us that the lump would shrink, even if it were to be the size of a ma-krood (ping pong ball-sized citrus fruit with rough, uneven skin). I said that she just took three day’s worth of medication. He replied “So what? Three days was three days.”

The doctor at the government hospital made an appointment for my wife’s operation for 20 February. The operation took about five hours because they wanted to check the tissues in three different locations. Each one needed up to 45 minutes in the operating room.

The doctor told us later that, after opening my wife, one doctor cried out in surprise, “somebody already removed them”. From the information prior to the operation, there should have been a lump of cancer tissues 3.5 centimeters long. However, they only found a lump one centimeter long and it was benign. Besides finding cancer in the nipple, there were no cancer cells in the lymph nodes in the underarms at all. Because they had found the cancer cells in the nipple, the doctor had decided to remove the whole breast.

I was not sure whether, aside from that particular doctor, other physicians knew anything about the herbal medicine that we took. I thought not, but I also thought that there definitely was one other doctor who knew.

It wasn’t until later that I received an answer of why that doctor (at the government hospital) had told us not to say anything. It was because there were many doctors who treated cancer patients that had studied from the western world and a great number of those doctors were against treatments that utilized herbal medicine.

I was surprised that this was why no one bothered to take a look at Dr Sommai Tongprasert’s work. Dr Sommai said that he had gathered his findings and submitted them to many institutions, but received no attention from them. Others were against him and his work.

That doctor (from the government hospital) probably had no other choice but to study about this discovery by himself. I still did not have the answer to that, but less than two months from the first time we had found out about the cancer and the doctor had advised us that my wife was already in the second or third stage, the situation had changed so unexpectedly, from gloomy with fear to shining with rays of hope.

We went to meet the doctor on Monday, 2 March to hear the result of this operation in detail. Besides finding out that the cancer had not spread and that the lump had shrunk down to one centimeter, we also heard that she was in fact at the first stage and was nearly 90% completely cured.

In short, during the short time from the discovery until today, the cure was entirely the result of Dr Sommai Thongprasert’s medicine. However, in terms of modern treatment, we still had to do the chemotherapy as well. We only had to wait until the wound (from the operation) was healed first.

I decided to tell the story about my wife because Dr Sommai Thongprasert should be an alternative choice for cancer patients. The story of Dr Sommai Thongprasert and his work can be found throughout the Internet. Type his name หมอสมหมาย in the Google search bar and anyone can also find results (700,000! on 8 November 2010) of those who are living proof of Dr Sommai's medicine. I had been searching for all of these for quite a while and told him that I would assist him in his work regarding the rare herbs. My work with the doctor started since 4 February, and is now progressing nicely. I already informed him of the matter. I also inform him about the development of my wife’s treatment periodically.

Various Cases

Cancer patients listening to other cancer patients talk about their experiences may help with understanding the disease and treatment more than doctors’ diagnoses or the recommendations of various friends.

The following are some interviews of cancer patients who came to me personally for treatment and speak directly from their own personal experience about both symptoms and treatment.

Some people who may have questions and concerns about the cost of treatment might be able to learn something from these patients.

Case #1: Breast Cancer

Name: Pornpimol Jeungniponsakul
Home: Bangkok
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 15 May 1942
Age: 66

I discovered that I had breast cancer in 2001 and had received treatment from Siriraj Hospital. Siriraj told me to have my breast removed but I did not want to, so I went to see Dr Sommai that same year. Dr Sommai has treated me for five years.

Dr Sommai told me to take the herbal medicine daily. When the lump shrank, he removed it from my breast area but did not remove the breast. The lump was about five-six centimeters long. The doctor operated by injecting an anesthetic. He held conversations with me during the operation.

For the fee of treatment to cure cancer with Dr Sommai, after coming back (home), I only had to take a big bag of herbal medicine that cost Baht 900 (US$31.50). I could order and receive it by postal service.

One big bag of the doctor’s medicine could be divided into 10 small packages, which I boiled and divided among two glasses. I was supposed to take one glass each day. I have taken the medicine every day, since I discovered that I had cancer five years ago. My condition is fine now.

Case #2: Breast Cancer

Name: Manasnan Apisoponlert
Home: Pakkred, Nonthaburi Province
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: N/A
Age: 40

I had a big, hard lump in my left breast about five centimeters across. It could be moved around and did not hurt. I went to take the mammogram around early July 2008 at a private hospital. The doctor tested the tissue samples with needles and the result was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. The doctor from this private hospital made an appointment for me to remove my breast on Monday, 4 August 2008, and told me that after the operation, I needed chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I was afraid because a relative of mine also had breast cancer. Despite removing her breast and receiving both treatments, she died in a lot of pain.

There were some acquaintances who told me to check the internet for information on Dr Sommai Thongprasert in Singburi Province, who cured breast cancer without removing the breast by way of combining herbal medicine with modern medicine.

On 2 August 2008 I went to see Dr Sommai at the market in Singburi Province with all the necessary medical information (mammogram, results of the tests – both details of the cancer cells and its readings). I told him that I was very afraid to die and did not want to have my breast removed. He checked and told me to stay calm. He would treat it until it got smaller, and then we could think about it later. I was so glad; it was as if I had just witnessed a miracle. Dr Sommai treated me and the lump quickly shrank until I finally could not find it anymore.

On 13 October 2008, Dr Sommai took me to see a doctor at a private hospital in Singburi. This doctor studied my medical history and checked my breast. He told Dr Sommai that he could not find the lump and did not know where to start removing it. I continued to receive treatments from Dr Sommai.

In early 2009, I covertly went to see a doctor at a big hospital in Bangkok without telling him that I had breast cancer. I only told him that I would like to see if I had breast cancer. The (male) doctor sent me to do a mammogram and ultrasound. A female doctor checked and told me that there was no lump. She only found an area where a lot of calcium particles were attached. When I brought the results to the male doctor, he asked me why I went there when I was fine. I showed all the information from the private hospital to him and he scolded me, asking why I had lied to him and where I was treated (to shrink the lump). I told him the truth, but did not say anything except that there was no lump to remove (from my breast). I went home and have taken Dr Sommai's medicine up till now. The lump has yet to reappear.

Case #3: Breast Cancer

Name: Samruay Kaewpanich
Home: Bangkok
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: March 2nd, 1959
Age: 50

In September of 2001, I went to see a doctor at a private hospital because I thought that I had a cyst in my left breast. However, the (test) results showed that I had cancer. The doctor at the hospital removed my left breast and sent the results to the National Cancer Institute. People at the institute informed me that I needed 12 shots of chemotherapy. After the first one, I could not stand it and stopped the process.

Afterwards, I went to see Dr Sommai. The reason I came was because when I was a child (three years old), he had saved my life by removing a fruit seed from my throat. I was originally from Lopburi Province and was aware of his reputation as the “Miracle Doctor”. I discussed with my family whether I should have this “Miracle Doctor” treat me again. Perhaps his work would save me a second time.

The doctor treated me for five years by giving me a very thick (nearly like rubber), concentrated herbal medicine. I took the medicine daily. Now I am well but still continue to take it except less concentrated and only every other day. Furthermore, I now eat more fish and vegetables and consume less red meat. The medicine costs Baht 900 (US$31.50) per pack and each pack lasts about 20 days.

Nowadays, I visit my parents in Lopburi once a month and stop by Dr Sommai's clinic to buy two-three more packs of his herbal medication.

Case #4: Sinus Cancer

Name: Thakoon Saereeratana
Home: Khlong Khlung, Kampaengphet Province
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: April 30th, 1969
Age: 40

I, Thakoon Saereeratana, opened my own business in Kampaengphet Province. I developed cancer of the sinus when I was 18 years old. While I was being treated at Ramathibodi Hospital in December of 1988, the doctors there removed tissue samples from my nose to check 3-4 times and found cancer cells. Later, however, there were lumps at the top part of my neck and they had to treat it with chemotherapy and radiation. My condition did not improve, so the doctors told me to go home. They felt that I would not last longer than six months.

At that time, my mother had heard about Dr Sommai from some relatives and took me to see him. I stayed with the doctor for treatment for about one week. He gave some pills and herbal medicine to me. For three to four months, I took it three times a day, after meals. Afterwards, I took it two times daily, in the morning and evening. I was fine after taking the medicine for approximately a year and a half and have stopped taking it. I could eat normal food again. The medication cost Baht 4,000-5,000 (US$140-175) during the first 3-4 months. After that, the doctor reduced the amount of medicine and it went down to Baht 3,000 (US$105) per month until 1½ years had passed.

Case #5: Breast Cancer

Name: Somporn Sudthanaporn
Home: Bangkok
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: April 19th, 1958
Age: 51

In 1996, I visited the doctor at Central Hospital (Bangkok) and found a lump in my left breast. I was told that it was cancer. I went to see Dr Sommai for treatment directly after finding out. The doctor ordered nine shots of chemotherapy and gave me the herbal medicine to take simultaneously with the other treatment. Two months after the treatment with chemotherapy and herbal medicine, Dr Somma told me to go back to Central Hospital to remove the lump in my left breast (but not to remove the whole breast).

I continued taking Dr Sommai's herbal medicine until recently, taking it every other day. At the time, I was being treated with chemotherapy and herbal medicine, the cost of treatment was about Baht 10,000 (US$350) per shot of chemotherapy, and the herbal medicine cost Baht 900 (US$31.50) per pack. Each package could be used 10 times — one glass for each use.

Case #6: Breast Cancer

Name: Napasachada Apichanakhlangthong
Home: Ubon Ratchathani
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: N/A
Age: 61

In 2001, I had a check-up at Bang Pho Hospital and found a lump in my left breast. They tested the tissues and told me that it was cancer. I asked the doctor at Bang Pho Hospital what would happen if I did not remove my breast. He replied that within one month, it would grow infected and swollen, and I would not live very long.

Through word of mouth, I heard that Dr Sommai could cure cancer, so I went to see him for treatment. The first three to four months, I was treated with injections, also taking both the herbal medication and pills. The cost was about Baht 10,000 (US$350). I received about five years of treatment, however, after the initial 3-4 month period, I was better and he reduced the amount of medication consumption to where it cost Baht 5,000 (US$175) per month.

After five years of treatment, I went for a check-up and did not find anything, so I stopped taking his medicine. I had yearly check-ups for six years. Two years later, I was in good health and did not have any more check-ups.

I did not feel that the medical treatment was expensive at all. If compared with the new life that I received, the cost helped me live longer with my family, as well as have a better quality of life.

Case #7: Lung Cancer

Name: Mongkhol Wanthanu
Home: Ratchaburi Province
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: January 17th, 1958
Age: 50

I run my own business. One day while selling my goods, I breathed in and felt a slight pain, as if something was poking my lung, so I went to see a doctor at Ratchaburi Province Hospital, which was a private institute. I stayed overnight for the check-up and moved to Photharam District Hospital for three more nights. Afterwards, I rested at home for a few more days.

Once my relatives had heard about my cancer, they recommended a doctor who cured cancer. They said that he was a miracle doctor and his medicine was a cancer curative so I went to see Dr Sommai. After taking his medicine for two days, I could eat more. Before that I could hardly eat any food — I was full after just a few bits. But now I had a large appetite — and could even eat rice with fish sauce.

Dr Sommai gave me 39 pills and herbal medicine as part of his treatment. The cost of the initial treatment like this was a little high, about Baht 9,000-10,000 (US$315-350) since when I came for a treatment, the doctor had to send me to get x-rayed at Singburi Hospital, as well as to use a bag of blood due to my very weak condition resulting from lack of nutrition.

I took the medicine for nearly a year and was better. I went back to get a check-up by computer at the original hospital. From six centimeters wide, the cancerous lump shrank down to only two centimeters across. Presently, I am still taking the medication.

Chapter 6: “Understanding Cancer”