Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery Prices & Affordable Personal Health Care Services — The Low Cost Health Insurance Alternative

Our prices for plastic surgery in Thailand are the minimum you can expect to pay in Bangkok for highly qualified treatment from licensed, experienced, good doctors at a large, clean, hygienic hospital or clinic with English speaking staff. If price is the deciding factor, all of these can be found for a fraction of the cost but risks are higher and we cannot recommend them.

Cosmetic surgery costs more from the very best and most famous plastic surgeons who are known for a particular procedure. Their surgical fee for breast enlargement, rhinoplasty or SRS will be more. That's also true for the cost of lap band surgery and knee surgery.

However, a number of good plastic surgeons in Thailand charge substantially LESS than comparable doctors in the USA, Europe or Australia — even if you add the cost of your airfare and accommodations in Thailand. Plastic surgery in Thailand and other types of surgery are high quality and inexpensive. Overseas lap band surgery is great value for money — US$3,000 less than the very best "special offer" discount prices in the USA.

If you are interested in any surgery, treatment or procedure not listed to the right,    The surgeries listed are mostly package prices that include your hospital room, nursing care and meals. None include unforeseen complications. Most exclude medications such as analgesics and antibiotics which are prescribed only when needed and in appropriate amounts so cannot be determined in advance.

Sometimes we list multiple prices for the same plastic surgery procedure to reflect the actual variation between surgical prices charged by various doctors. There is often a range of prices for the exact same cosmetic surgery. The price often reflects the prestige, reputation, expertise and experience of the physician for that particular plastic surgery procedure — but not always. Top plastic surgeons tend to charge more but sometimes the most experienced also have the most affordable fees.

Some top plastic surgeons quote prices in Thai Baht (฿). In those cases, the Thai Baht price prevails at all times. For US dollar prices with no Baht price, those prices prevail regardless of changes in the currency exchange rate.

Our reference to Plastic Surgeon “A” or “B” or “C” is NOT a grade and is NOT an indication of quality. For some plastic surgeries, Plastic Surgeon “C” is the best of the best. Plastic Surgeons “B” refers to a large team of surgeons, only one of whom will actually perform the plastic surgery.

Hospital Room Fee for procedures with no package price
(room rates INCLUDES food & nursing care cost)

A Superior Room costs US$135/day.
Food and nursing care is included in the room rate. It has air-conditioning, phone, couch, cable TV with news, movies and sports in English, refrigerator, table, and a locker. Phone calls are not included in the price.

A Suite costs US$215/day.
Food and nursing care is included in the room rate and it has everything found in a Superior Room with the addition of a small living room separated from the patient's room by a door which can be left open or closed, it is larger, has separate cable TV in both the patient's room and living room and has a microwave oven. The primary advantage of a Suite is the ability for patient or significant other to have privacy.