Have a Question About Affordable Surgery Abroad?

map: Contact Thailand medical tourism about affordable surgery abroad but check the time first

Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM is about seven hours ahead of GMT (UTC) and 11 to 13 hours ahead of most locations in the USA. Please check the clock before you phone us about affordable surgery overseas.

You can send medical records, x-rays, MRI or any other documents pertaining to your case to:

Ms. Siwaporn Huadjairuk
21/621 Soi 19, Nawamin 42, Nawamin Road
Klong Khum, Bueng Kum
Bangkok, Thailand   10240

Contact us by phone between 9 am and 8 pm Bangkok time at:

66-81917-8300   or   66-2377-7056
66-2734-6157 (Thai)

The best method of contacting us across international date lines and different time zones is by email.

We try to respond to messages within 24-72 hours. However, sometimes your message never reaches us and is prevented from reaching our hands by your ISP's mail filters or our ISP's filters or our own mail filters aimed at sifting out genuine inquiries from the approximately 150 messages we receive every day. If you don't get an answer within a few days, that's probably what happened so send us another email.

Use HELP [at] Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand [dot] COM if you experience any difficulty with our system of auto-addressing your email message for you. If you are at an Internet cafe they may have set their computer to automatically open mail in Yahoo Mail or HotMail or Gmail. In that case, you will not get an automatically addressed blank email but the log-in page of the webmail service.