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Facelift Surgery Prices
[excludes, brow, forehead, nose, eyes, lips (not COMPLETE face lift)]

"Mid" - Facelift Surgery (cosmetic surgery facelift by leading ISO-certified hospital, includes two nights stay and excludes neck): US$2,400

"Full" Facelift Surgery by a leading surgeon popular with Thai movie stars and entertainers: Thai Baht 120,000 (US$3,662 on 12 December 2009). Ten days minimum stay in Bangkok advised.

Minilift aka S-lift: Thai Baht 80,000 (US$2,245 on 9 March 2009)

Nasomalar Fold Injection: Thai Baht 20,000 (US$561 on 9 March 2009)

Nasolabial Fold Injection: Thai Baht 60,000 (US$1,684 on 9 March 2009)

Browlift Surgery aka Forehead Lift (including 1 night stay in hospital) US$1,400

Forehead Lift by a leading surgeon popular with Thai movie stars and entertainers:
• Thai Baht 80,000 (US$2,245 on 9 March 2009) if done by coronal incision or …
• Thai Baht 100,000 (US$2,806 on 9 March 2009) if done with an endoscope.

Neck Lift (including 1 night stay in hospital) US$1,400

Lip Augmentation using Polygel Injections — US$480 per 0.75 cc.

Hylaform Injection (HA) US$450/ 0.75 ml.

Adam's Apple Shaving US$650

Otoplasty Surgery | Auriculoplasty US$700 per side

Dermabrasion US$600 per area

Botox Injection for Wrinkles

Wrinkles Botox
Botox treatment for “Crow’s Feet” (botox for eye wrinkles) US$270
Botox cosmetic injection for forehead lines US$340
Botox treatments for Glabella frown lines US$150

Botox Treatment Excessive Perspiration

Botox for Sweating
Botox cost for sweating (armpit | palm) US$450
Cost of botox injection for masseter hypertrophy US$390

Average cost of lasik surgery | cost of lasik eye surgery | laser eye surgery cost

Laser Eye Surgery | LASIK Eye Surgery
(US$3,550 LESS than USA! About 53% LESS!)
[LASIK = Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis]

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery US$1,800 (average) for BOTH eyes using 4th Generation Wavefront IntraLase
US$1,200 for one eye
(must be 45 years old or less & near-sighted)

(compare to US$1,499 average cost of lasik surgery in the USA for EACH eye and US$2,000-2,500 for EACH eye using Wavefront in USA!).

Cosmetic Eye Surgery
(Blepharoplasty is surgery of the eyelids to remove fat, excess skin or muscle, bags, pouches, wrinkles or raise drooping upper eyelids. These procedures are for men or women.)

Upper cosmetic eye lid surgery — US$540
(includes both eyes)

Lower cosmetic eye lid surgery — US$540
(includes both eyes)

Upper Blepharoplasty with crow's feet correction by a leading surgeon popular with Thai movie stars and entertainers: Thai Baht 60,000 (US$1,831 on 12 December 2009)

Lower Blepharoplasty by a leading surgeon popular with Thai movie stars and entertainers: Thai Baht 50,000 (US$1,526 on 12 December 2009)

Eyelash Lengthening (eyelash transplant cost depends on total number of hairs transplanted): Maximum cost US$910 per eye

Cataract Surgery Cost:
Thai Baht 42,000 per eye, including lens (about US$1,277 on 28 November 2009), using the modern, no-scarring PHACO (emulsification) technique in which the eye's internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic handpiece, and aspirated from the eye. This package price includes: operating room charges, anesthesia, equipment, routine medical supplies AND medication necessary for the procedure, eye medications and doctor's fees.

Cataract Surgery Cost (1.5 hours) with intraocular lens from another hospital: Thai Baht 80,000 Baht per eye. (US$2,441 on 12 December 2009)

Cataract Surgery Cost with multi-focal lens: Baht 120,000/eye (US$3,662 on 12 December 2009)

     Their package includes:
• one-side artificial intraocular lens;
• operating room charge & recovery room charges;
• medical equipment and supplies necessary for procedure;
• medications: routine medication used;
• doctor fees: ophthalmologist (eye surgeon);
• nursing service charges; but NOT
• anesthesia, home medicine, and any medical complications.

Cost of Detached Retina Surgery ask

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

Plastic Surgeon A: Baht 80,000 | US$2,441 (12 December 2009)

Nose Reshaping (including 1 night stay) Plastic Surgeon Team B: US$1,600

Rhinoplasty Surgeon C: US$4,000

Tip Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon C: US$1,000

Tip Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon A: Thai Baht 30,000 (Baht 40,000 for XL noses).
     (currently about US$894 to US$1,192)
     [makes nose lower, narrower, shorter and does not touch bone]

Alar Reduction (Alarplasty - reduction of flared nostrils) US$350

Nasal Surgery (nasal septum correction, including 1 night stay) US$1,200

Nose Augmentation (implant, photos required): US$840 to US$1,330

Cheek Implant (malar implant) US$1,200

Osteotomy Malarplasty | Malar Osteotomy (cheek bone surgery to make cheeks larger, higher or fuller, including 2 nights stay in hospital) US$2,700

Jaw Surgery (mandibular angle reduction with incision inside mouth, including 2 nights stay) US$2,500

Chin Implant US$700

Jaw Advancement or Setback (including 3 nights stay) US$2,800

Chin Liposuction US$500

Snoring & Voice Clinic (done by ENT)

Hoarseness Correction (including 2 nights stay) US$1,200
Low Voice Pitch Correction (including 3 nights stay) US$2,100
Sleep Apnea + Snoring (Radiofrequency tissue-volume reduction) US$840
Sleep Apnea + Snoring (Laser) (including 1 night stay) US$900
Sleep Lab Test US$130

Hair Center (Stereoscopic Dissecting Microscope)

Hair Restoration US$2 /graft (price requires confirmation)

Hair Restoration by another specialist hospital (as of 12 December 2009):

(means a starting price of US$4.57 per graft but US$2.44 per point for 2,000 or more grafts)