Sava Perovic penis modification surgery, male genital modification, phalloplasty or gender transformation surgeries

What Patients Can Expect

Update 13 April 2009: Dr Perovic said: “You should also put on your web page about scams that I am not a member of any 'European Institute for Uro-Genital Reconstructive Surgery' nor a member of Planet Hospital.”

Dr Sava Perovic always managed the Sava Perovic Surgical Team personally for all his patients — even in recent years when he was dying of cancer.

Dr Perovic never had another doctor claiming to be “on his team” do metoidioplasty, gender transformation surgery, male genital modification, phalloplasty or any type of penis modification surgery instead of himself because he was “too busy travelling”.

Never was surgery performed in Belgrade by the Sava Perovic Surgical Team while Dr Perovic was somewhere else. Even during his last days, he still met his patients and supervised surgery and his Team.

Dr Perovic had time for all patients that need him. FtM transition patients have written to us saying they have been told: “Regarding your consultation with Professor Perovic, he is very often absent from Belgrade because he travels a lot and we can't get together to work together very often.” [BIG LIE.]

It was true that Dr Perovic was frequently invited to perform surgery all over the word and was often a guest speaker at important events about medical advances in urology but that never meant patients could not get surgery personally from the Sava Perovic Surgical Team. Surgery was always managed, supervised and led by Professor Perovic himself. If Sava Perovic was outside of Serbia doing surgery his TEAM was with him.

Dr Perovic never delegated surgery to someone in Belgrade while he was overseas and was never too busy to care for patients who needed him.

Because Dr Perovic was the greatest urogenital reconstructive surgeon ever and was famous worldwide for penis augmentation, FtM penis creation, correction of deformed genitalia and especially female to male surgery, patients sought him in Belgrade by name during recent decades but were denied a consultation and tricked into getting surgery by Grade B surgeons secretly diverting patients to themselves — completely without the Professor's knowledge.

FtM patients reported this to us in late January 2008 and asked for clarification of the situation in Belgrade.

They asked:

“Why are the surgical results patients have been getting so inferior to those for which Dr Perovic is famous?”

“Why are the prices they have been paying sometimes significantly higher than the Professor's published prices?”

This warning was being issued at the request of those FtM patients who brought this situation to the attention of Professor Perovic and asked for the facts. FtM patients doing their homework, asking questions and gathering full information in preparation for their surgery have shined the spotlight on this situation.

The Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team

Dr Rados Djinovic

Dr Perovic personally performed all his patients' surgery himself using his own hands and had only one permanent member of his Team who always assisted him and was always with him everywhere — Dr Rados Djinovic.

We now know that Dr Perovic was preparing for his own death by cancer in April 2010, solidly establishing the Sava Perovic Foundation and training his personal team of surgeons to carry on his legacy and get even better surgical results than he did himself.

Then and now, unless you talk to Dr Djinovic directly or contact Dr Perovic's case manager, Richard RothHaas, directly, you are not communicating with the Sava Perovic Surgical Team. Richard continues to serve as the Foundation's case manager.

Be assured, Dr Djinovic and the Sava Perovic Surgical Team can certainly perform your surgery if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, you schedule it in advance, and you have been accepted as a patient. No fee is charged to arrange surgery and there is no concierge fee, no transportation fee, no records fee, no administrative fee, no deposits.

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The surgical fee is a package price that includes everything related to your surgery except your airfare, hotel bill and food you eat outside of your hospital stay as well as the cost of anyone accompanying you.

If you are interested in medical tourism because you want MtF surgery, male enlargement surgery, SRS surgery, FtM surgery or ligamentolysis from the Perovic Team because of their remarkably high level of successful surgeries using extremely advanced and complex procedures with amazingly low number of complications and the best surgical results available anywhere, we can put you in direct contact with the Perovic case manager at no cost.

However, since 2007, all genito-urinary surgery is performed only in Belgrade and no longer in Thailand.

INSIST on seeing Sava Perovic Foundation Chairman Dr Rados Djinovic face-to-face in your pre-op consultation AND before you go under anesthesia in the operating room! Anything else is not surgery from the Sava Perovic Foundation.

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