Cancer: Cancer Treatment, Cancer Cure and Cancer Prevention
ISBN 978-616-515-014-9      Thai language    108 pages    33 photos

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(English translation courtesy of Tongprasert Family)

In Thailand, the aggressive animosity of Thailand's modern medicine community towards Thai traditional herbal medicine is significant. It rivals Thai politics in intensity and emotion and amount of money involved.

Cancer cure

This book, already in it's second printing, finally brought into the public eye a true hero who should be a celebrity but instead is marginalized, stonewalled, and suppressed simply because he found a combination of Thai herbs in the right amounts can “inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent it spreading”, as Dr Sommai explains. Simply put: a cure for cancer.

Why would such fantastic news be suppressed??

Sommai Tongprasert MD, Man Who Cured Cancer

Because Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD (a.k.a. Thongprasert) charges only Thai Baht 6,000-9,000 for a curative 10-day set of medicines for treatment for cancer and only Thai Baht 4,000-9,000 for a palliative batch.

In late October 2010 when the US dollar is at it's lowest value since the Vietnam War and the exchange rate is quite terrible, it's still only as little as US$140 and not more than US$315 for cancer treatment. If the value of the US dollar improves in relation to Thai Baht those prices will go down even lower.

NOBODY except cancer patients wants news leaking out that cancer in it's early stages can be cured for between US$140 to US$315.

[2012 Update: Dr Sommai's Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered (G 75/55) “G-Herb Capsule 1” cancer cure is now available from his cGMP-certified Tongprasert Osot pharmaceutical production facility! Visible results in 60-90 days. 90-day treatment = 810 capsules for Baht 12,600 (Euros 315 | US$420). His breast cancer cure rate is well over 90% in 2012!]

Breast Cancer Facts about Breast Cancer Treatment: herbal extract alternative breast cancer treatment with 80% cure rate
Breast cancer treatment cure rate over 90%

Much to the dismay of the global pharmaceutical industry and the world's powerful national medical associations of physicians pushing modern medicine, after this book about a herbal cancer cure hit the newsstands and bookstores, a steady parade of Thai TV stations and daily newspapers and news organizations have been doing documentary after documentary about this unsung hero. Until now it has all been in Thai so relatively inaccessible by the rest of the world.

We support this effort to make the truth be known. We believe the cancer patients of the world and their families deserve to know that there is a cheap cure for cancer that is extremely effective and costs only a few hundred dollars.

Dr Sommai himself is a practitioner of modern medicine meaning Western medicine. More precisely, American-style medicine as modeled and molded by JP Morgan to be the right hand of the drug companies and vociferous advocates of pharmaceuticals as the solution for all illness and disease.

Dr Sommai Tongpraser Contact Phone Numbers
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Phone: 66-36-511066
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Phone: 66-86-123-5599
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Phone: 66-81-825-8890

He prescribes chemotherapy and other useful modern medicine such as surgery to be used in conjunction with his Thai herbal cancer treatment. However, the herbs enables him to use 90% LESS chemotherapy and other drugs but still effectively reduce, eliminate and prevent the spread of cancer while at the same time greatly reducing all the negative side-effects of modern medicine by drastically slashing the dosages needed.

This brave book let the genie out of the bottle. The cat is out of the bag. It will be difficult for powerful vested interests in Thailand to keep this cheap herbal cancer cure with 80% cancer survival rate hidden any longer. We hope our site visitors enjoy this book about: “Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer”

Note that many people often misspell his family name as Thongprasert. Although it is not an uncommon way to write the Thai in English, Dr Sommai spells his surname Tongprasert. Dr Sommai Tongprasert and Dr Sommai Thongprasert are one and the same man.

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