Belated Thanks for Thai Doc with 80% Cancer Survival Rates

Sommai Cancer Treatment: 80% cancer survival rates
2012 Update!
Dr Sommai Tongprasert
chosen Thailand's
2011 Person of the Year!

Instead of nominating Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD for a Nobel prize because he had perfected a cheap cancer cure with 80% cancer survival rate using Thai herbs, in 2010 Thailand's government launched a three-agency “investigation” into the humble, hardworking, patriotic, well-known, then 90-year-old rural Thai surgeon who had painstakingly researched, documented and refined his potent treatment for cancer over six decades.

All the “investigators” already knew this high-profile public figure who is a former surgeon general of Singburi province and former managing director of Singburi Hospital. He has worked openly for many decades — fully licensed, certified, registered, accredited, trained and qualified in every relevant way since 1951 — and popularly referred to as “The Miracle Doctor”.

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Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD aka Dr Sommai Thongprasert

Most bizzare was he had long ago already given his priceless herbal formula cancer cure for FREE to the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), one of the appointed “investigators”.

At the time of the “investigation”, the GPO had already checked and confirmed all his clinical cancer research findings, had already turned the herbal cancer cure formula into a commercial product (GPO PHYTOPLEX) and had already submitted it to the Thailand Food and Drug Administration for registration.

Sommai (pronounced SO-MY with a rising tone [questioning tone]) got his degree in modern medicine (Western medicine) from Siriraj Hospital Faculty of Medicine, Thailand's first medical school, established in 1888. The medical school was later split off from the hospital and became Mahidol University.
Breast cancer cure with 80% cancer survival rates

He had graduated top of his class with a major in pharmacology from Thailand's premier university, Chulalongkorn, established in 1917. It remains the nation's most prestigious institute of higher learning, every year attracting Thailand's brightest in all fields.

Sommai Tongprasert

When he graduated as a surgeon in 1951, Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD had already developed a keen interest in cancer treatment.

He had entered Chulalongkorn after graduating from Thailand's top secondary school, Triam Udom Suksa, which has always been the country's #1 high school attracting the best of the best.

While a young surgeon in Bangkok, Sommai had founded Thailand's first blood bank and had totally modernized the Police Hospital but he wanted greater challenges. In 1973, he moved back to his hometown of Singburi with three goals.

Sommai Tongprasert MD

One goal was to care for his aging mother who lived alone. Another was to convert a muddy expanse of donated empty fields into Singburi Hospital, now a bustling, modern complex of tall buildings still serving the community. He served as director of the hospital for many years. But his primary goal was to crank up the vigor of his cancer research to find an effective cancer therapy.

Dr Sommai has been in overdrive ever since. In the days leading up to his 90th birthday on 27 December 2010, he still works seven days a week, up to 12 hours a day, providing treatment for cancer to the 100-200 patients who start lining up in front of his home at about 2-3 am to be the first to see him in the morning.

Most of them have learned by word-of-mouth that his patients have cancer survival rates exceeding 80% for Stage 1 and Stage 2 cancer. He charges only Baht 4,000-9,000 (US$140-US$315) for cancer treatment and treats a patient FREE if the person has no money.

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For more than 60 years, Dr Sommai has relentlessly assaulted one of the world's greatest killers of mankind using his extremely sharp intellect in combination with the top quality education and professional training that gave him his solid foundation in both modern medicine and traditional Thai herbology.

Dr Sommai is sometimes called "Dr Relentless" because his victory over cancer is a perfect example of “death by a thousand cuts” — he hacked at this Titan of Death day after day for more than 21,900 days.

“Discovered a cure for cancer” infers some type of sudden, recent breakthrough. The cancer treatment was no overnight discovery. There was no bolt from the blue. Athough Dr Sommai does credit the greatest advance in his anti-cancer research to an “accidental” discovery, perfecting the formula took thousands of tweaks during clinical cancer research over many years.

Two key players have prevented suppression of Dr Sommai's cure for cancer and protected the doctor. Foremost has been Krisana Kraisintu (pharmaceutical chemistry PhD) who heads the Research and Development Institute of the GPO. She was the third signatory on the legal agreement between Dr Sommai and the GPO which gives the organization exclusive rights to the cancer cure formula when Sommai dies.

Krisana Kraisintu

Krisana has worked for the GPO since 1983. She views expensive Western medicines as "a crime against humanity, and a holocaust of the poor". She was a 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Award winner for challenging the global drug companies and developing the world's first generic versions of the antiretroviral drugs zidovudine and didanosine, used to treat HIV/AIDS. She also created GPO-VIR which cut the cost of treating AIDS patients nearly 96%.

Without the extremely influential Krisana as his guardian angel, Sommai is certain "things would have gone very badly" for him.

Second key player was Thai media giant Nation Group. They brought the cancer cure to the general public's attention in their 108-page book: "The Miracle Doctor".

How high do the cancer survival rates of his patients need to go?

How many decades of consistently positive clinical cancer research results are enough?

How many documentary reports by all Thai TV channels are needed before this deserving man gets a “thank you” from his country and the world? Could there be anybody more unnecessary to “investigate”?

Leading Thai-language newspapers have also written about Doc Sommai but the international news organizations with bureaus in Bangkok have been surprisingly mum and apathetic about Thailand's herbal cure for cancer.

When asked why, answers ranged from the incredible: “If it’s real, why haven't local journalists written about it?” to the evasive “maybe we can take a look at it in a couple of months” to an angry, foul-mouthed tirade by an American broadcasting network's Thai bureau chief that "nobody can force my company to report on anything!"

What story could foreign correspondents in Bangkok be working on that has more news value than a cure for cancer and an effective breast cancer treatment for US$140?

A selfless, tireless, 90-year-old doctor that embodies everything good a physician is supposed to be and has created a cheap cure for cancer with sky high cancer survival rates after a lifetime of work is Pulitzer Prize winning material. It’s the ultimate human interest story. It’s a great scientific story. It’s a dramatic medical story. It would make a great movie. And his proven, effective, cheap cure for cancer has no negative side-effects and is already in commercial production by the government. How is that not BIG news? It's baffling.

Well, maybe not. Why risk reporting on a controversial subject? Why risk offending major advertisers? The global pharmaceutical industry is bigger, richer and more powerful than the oil industry and a major advertising client of all news, publishing or other media organizations. It does not want news of a cheap, effective herbal treatment for cancer to reach the masses.

Plenty of doctors of modern medicine are businessmen first and doctors second. They are also big advertisers with plenty of clout. They aggressively fight a cheap herbal cure for cancer or anything else.

Hospitals are big advertisers. Certainly no hospital promoting expensive modern medicine and which has spent a fortune on interior decorating to look like a 5-star hotel is interested in their patients finding out there is a cheap breast cancer treatment — especially when some hospitals have already turned Dr Sommai's inexpensive herbal cancer therapy into “modern” injections going for Baht 100,000 each (US$3,500)!

But Dr Sommai isn't concerned about getting credit or publicity. He gave his cancer cure formula away. And his treatment fees show he isn't trying to get rich from his treatment for cancer. The international drug companies tried to buy it from him and he refused, insisting that Thailand run with the ball. Old Doc Sommai is happily, quietly using the final minutes of his life to serve his patients — dawn to dusk, every day of the week — as the hourglass runs out.

Let's give him the recognition he deserves for his contribution to humanity. Let's at least wish Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD a big “Happy Birthday!” when he reaches his 90th. And let's then follow it up with a loud and enthusiastic “Thank You Very Much!” on behalf of all cancer patients and their grateful families. This great humanitarian should be honored, not hidden. He’s a true hero and a great role model by any standard.

'The Miracle Doctor' Book

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