Drug Addiction Rehabilitation & Drug Abuse Rehab

Drug addiction rehabilitation

A drug rehab center on the banks of a beautiful river in a lush tropical setting is not what usually comes to mind when looking for rehab centers for drug addiction rehabilitation and a substance abuse recovery program.

Thailand offers a world-class drug rehabilitation center that provides professional, private, discreet drug abuse rehab care by British professionals that combines the best elements of 6-week and 12-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) drug rehab treatment in a 28-day addiction recovery “holiday”.

Drug abuse rehab centers

Not only do you get a certified rehabilitation counselor at this substance abuse center, the drug rehab treatment is tailored to your needs and totally confidential, far from the prying eyes of paparazzi but with no compromise of drug rehab quality or depth. For more pictures of the addiction treatment center or if you are interested in the alcohol detox feature of this drug and alcohol treatment center, read this other article. Whether treatment for Xanax addiction, alcohol detox, or cocaine addiction treatment, this drug detox center has the private room drug rehab and treatment for addiction that is needed.

Drug rehab care

If you are looking for executive drug rehab but long term drug rehab is not an option for you, this drug addiction rehabilitation and substance abuse recovery program is designed in weekly modules. That enables a person with a demanding career or children to get rehab care and rehabilitation services from a certified rehabilitation counselor in a flexible way that fits your schedule to deal with specific areas causing the most problems.

Unlike many drug treatment centers, this drug rehabilitation center and drug addiction treatment includes a 3-month aftercare package to support you in those crucial early days after you return home.

Drug addiction rehabilitation

During your drug addiction recovery you'll stay in your own spacious, individual, tropical hardwood bungalow discretely situated in beautifully landscaped gardens. Most bungalows have a large private veranda. All have air-conditioning, TV, a fridge and large shower rooms. Perhaps more important for many people, during your drug addiction rehabilitation you share accommodations with no one. No dorms. No wards. No roommates. And far more than merely drug rehab private rooms.

Again unlike many substance abuse centers, this rehab care does not merely rely on time away from temptation. You are not cut off from the world during your substance abuse recovery program. Cell phones are allowed and Internet access is provided — perfect for executive rehab. This exclusive drug addiction treatment center also has a large free-form swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a fully equipped air-conditioned gym, badminton, petanque, a shooting range, a large-screen home theater showing films every evening as well as a small book and DVD library.

Drug and alcohol treatment center

The rehabilitation services of this drug rehab program include 21 hours of individual and group therapy sessions weekly, including three sessions of one-to-one therapy and four hours of relapse prevention. The director has been working in the drug and alcohol treatment sector for 15 years and has applied all his experience gathered from former addiction treatment centers.

Also an important part of the drug addiction rehabilitation are the 12 hours of individual and group fitness sessions each week with a highly experienced personal trainer and motivation specialist who is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer. Four hours of the sessions are massage.

The drug rehab treatment is intensive but there is enough time to allow you to complete homework, reflect and relax. During free time, you are welcome to relax on the veranda of your personal bungalow or use the gym, pool, games, sports equipment or any other amenities of the drug addiction treatment center.

Meals are together, usually outdoors along the 100 meters (328 ft) of lush, scenic, tropical riverfront. All food at the drug rehabilitation center is bought fresh daily and prepared by an experienced and internationally trained chef who can also accommodate special dietary requirements. Another important part of your rehab care is healthy eating with an emphasis on fresh local produce.

Yoga and Tai Chi are included in your drug addiction rehabilitation schedule and optional sessions of Meditation, Acupuncture and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are offered.

This tried and proven substance abuse recovery program includes escorted day trips every Sunday that enable clients to sample the delights of the amazing Land of Smiles and take some “holiday” photos. You can try elephant or jungle trekking, river rafting, visiting temples or just browsing markets.

Humanist, secular, spiritual and religious people are all equally welcome to use this substance abuse recovery program. This drug alcohol rehab is not based on groups and meetings. It is NOT Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, AA nor Alanon (Al-Anon). It is NOT a twelve-step program. The drug rehab center is free from gender, national, ethnic, or sexual orientation bias and does not use religious language in its drug detox programs.

Although not a “Christian drug treatment center”, Christians of all denominations are welcome. These highly experienced professionals also treat codependence and alcoholism. This alcohol and drug rehab treatment looks at the whole person, not just the substance, so treat all substance abuse problems, prescription, liquid, tablet or otherwise.

This drug addiction rehabilitation works. It gives you an opportunity to change the way you think about yourself, the world, and other people. It helps you change what you do, then return home fit, relaxed and ready to succeed. The highly qualified team providing the drug addiction rehab treatment helps you understand how actions affect thoughts and feelings — and how those thoughts and feelings affect your actions.

The rehabilitation services help you make sense of an overwhelming situation by breaking it down into smaller parts that makes it easier to see how things are connected and how they affect you. The way you think about a problem affects you physically and emotionally — and what you do about it.

All staff on this international addiction recovery team are fully trained to degree level as well as qualified and certificated in their disciplines. Rehab care is provided by members of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapists (BACP), British Society of Brief Strategic Therapists (BSBST), British Society of Auricular Acupuncturists (BSAA) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The 28-day drug addiction rehabilitation costs GBP £7,995 which is about US$15,750 ± or Euros €10200 ±. for more information Asia's premier drug and alcohol treatment center.

28-Day Drug Rehab Center
GBP £7,995
US$15,800 ±
Euro €10200 ±

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