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Infertility treatment at JCI-accredited and ISO-certified The Hospital in Thailand is advanced and affordable — about 60% LESS than mid-range in vitro fertilization costs in the USA.

Disavowed Hospital Bangkok Thailand IVF

The Hospital Executive Directors The Persons were personally asked by the director of Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM to consider making their great medical facility available to international medical tourists so they also could get the same good care provided to the eastern Bangkok Thai community. They have agreed.

For many months, Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM also encouraged the hospital management to offer the best pricing possible for international medical tourists. The prices quoted on this page are the final result. The promotion on PGD is only for the 3rd quarter of 2011 and ends on 30 September. This information was current as of 27 July 2011.

We believe you will find the cost of IVF is nearly Euros 1200 LESS than the IVF fees charged by other IVF programs in Bangkok. In addition, the IVF charges already include the cost of the appropriately high doses (up to 1900 units) of the expensive infertility drugs usually needed by Europeans, Americans and all women 35 or older. Because the drugs cost US$300/300 unit ampoule, other service providers often include only 1200 units of the drug in their quoted package price and add more at additional cost later.

Unlike more expensive infertility treatment providers in Bangkok that are merely a clinic and sometimes just rented office space or rented floor space in the same building as a hospital:

Cost of IVF Treatment | All Possible IVF Costs

The Hospital's assisted reproductive technologies (ART) currently include (THAI BAHT PRICES PREVAIL):

Here is a currency exchange rate calculator.

Test tube baby IVF

The can help coordinate private Thai Egg Donation but it is not a service provided directly by the hospital. (Baht 30,000 | US$1,000 | Euro 704 up to as high as Baht 70,000 | US$2,334 | Euro 1641 and sometimes Baht 100,000 | US$3,334 | Euro 2344.)

Because The Hospital only announced in mid-2011 that their infertility treatment in Thailand was also available to international medical tourists, they are still in the process of making everything they have to offer easily understandable in English and as transparent as possible. At the moment, the Bangkok hospital's offering is as explained below. It will be further clarified soon. Do your due diligence. Read all five of our online articles about The.

Before coming to Thailand for IVF ICSI PGD or any other infertility treatment get comprehensive physical exams and testing in your home town!Both the man and woman of any couple seeking infertility treatments should have comprehensive physical examinations and health testing before you come to Thailand. That will save you time & money and will make certain, before arrival, that you have no medical conditions that would prevent either of you from going through infertility treatments. All types of physical exams & tests can be done at very affordable prices at The Hospital. However, if any pre-existing condition is discovered that impacts on your infertility treatment, there may be delays, cost may go up unexpectedly & it is possible you will NOT be able to get treatment until your NEXT cycle — or not at all.Before infertility treatment get comprehensive physical exams and testing in your home town!

Your full name as in your passports are required to make an appointment at Disavowed HospitalThe Hospital requires your full name as found in your passport to make an appointment for a consultation or treatment. You must bring your passports to your first appointment with Dr The.Full names as in passports are required to make an appointment at Disavowed Hospital

IVF is comprised of four basic steps:

  1. a course of fertility medication to stimulate egg development;
  2. surgical retrieval of the eggs the woman produces (ovum pickup);
  3. fertilization of the retrieved eggs in the laboratory; then 3-6 days later
  4. one or more strong, healthy embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus.

Included in the cost of in vitro fertilization ICSI IVF treatments for one cycle:

  1. 1900 units of gonadotrophin medication such as Pergonal, Menogon, Gonal F, Puregon, Pregnyl or Ovidrel, for superovulation (egg development stimulation).
  2. Suprefact E (buserelin acetate) nasal spray (one bottle).
  3. Hormonal analysis laboratory tests (Estradiol, FSH, LH) during Day 2 or Day 5 of medicine injections to boost egg production before egg collection and ultrasound to examine development of ovaries.
  4. 2-3 doses of Organlutran to prevent premature LH surges.
  5. Follicle stimulating hormone injection (FSH).
  6. Operating room cost for egg collection and embryo transfer.
  7. Laboratory cost for embryo care Days 1 to Day 3 (IVF or ICSI Package).
  8. Vaginal gel and oral hormones taken up to the day pregnancy test is performed.
  9. Gynecologist and anesthetist fees.
  10. Serum pregnancy test for B-HCG.

Excluded from ICSI IVF treatment cost for one cycle:

  1. Physical exam and preparation cost before starting treatment cycle, such as:
    • 1a) Medication for preparing uterus before injection of medicine to boost egg production.
    • 1b) Laboratory cost for Hormonal Profile Blood Test before injection of medicine to boost egg production.
    • 1c) Any other necessary blood tests
    • 1d) Any other necessary examinations, scans, analysis, operations, such as:
      • injection of dye into uterus
      • vaginal ultrasound scan
      • sperm analysis
      • procedure requiring insertion of scope
  2. Medication for superovulation in excess of the 1900 units included in package.
  3. Laser Assisted Hatching [Dr The ALWAYS recommends patients opt for Laser-Assisted Hatching]
  4. Embryo Cryopreservation
  5. Embryo Thawing
  6. Sperm Cryopreservation
  7. Sperm Thawing
  8. Laboratory fee for care of embryo in blastocyst stage on Day 4 & Day 5.
  9. Gender selection
  10. Chromosomal study before embryo transfer.
  11. Cost of treating any complications and/or unexpected outcomes.
  12. Physical exam and preparation before egg donation, embryo donation, surrogate-parenting agreement.
  13. Sperm preparation before fertilization by IVF or ICSI, such as TESE, MESA, PESA, etc.

The Hospital Fertility Center is open seven days a week.

Weekdays it opens at 8 am, on Saturday at 10 am, and on Sunday at 9 am.

The reproductive fertility center stops infertility treatment at 5 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but at 7 pm on Monday and Wednesday.

On Saturday, the IVF doctors provide fertility services until 8 pm. But on Sunday they close at 11 am to give the infertility physicians some rest.

Appointments should be scheduled at least ONE WEEK in advance to avoid long waits or being unable to see the doctor on the day you visit because he is fully booked or in surgery.

In vitro fertilization oocyte retrieval at fertility center

Egg retrieval (OPU) timing depends on menstrual cycle. Every case is unique and the exact schedule is set by the IVF specialist based on his medical knowledge, the details of your situation and his experience. What usually happens is something like:

You should carefully consider in your trip planning the general schedule most commonly used:

In both ICSI and IVF, eggs and sperm (gametes) are collected from each parent.

In IVF, eggs & sperm are mixed together in a dish and fertilization is achieved without further assistance because there are plenty of strong, healthy sperm.

ICSI is used when sperm is weak or limited or other factors inhibit fertilization. The embryologist picks up a single sperm with a fine glass needle and injects it directly into each egg in the laboratory using specialized micromanipulation technology & equipment. The sperm only needs to fertilize the egg and start the embryo. ICSI results in an egg fertilization rate of 60-85%.

Dr X ALWAYS advises patients to opt for ICSI (more embryos to sort, grade, implant, freeze, store) unless the patient is determined to use only IVF. Then he will concede to the wishes of the couple.

You are welcome to stay anywhere in Bangkok. The hospital is easily accessible from anywhere in Bangkok or Thailand.

All treatment is on an out-patient basis. You do not stay at the hospital. You can lodge and eat anywhere you want whenever you want.

Medicine offers no guarantees. Read this article on risk inherent in all surgery.

IVF twins tend to be born premature and with low birth weight.

Twins or other multiple births introduce more risk so you must carefully consider all factors before making such a decision.

There is risk of fetal death as well as risk of long-term complications for mother and children.

Uterine size as measured by transvaginal ultrasound (hysterosonometry | HSM) is a good indication of whether you could carry twins to full term.

Previous uterine distention by previous pregnancies significantly reduces risk of carrying twins.

The three basic size categories are:

Group 1 women are significantly more likely to have babies born severely premature.