“Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer”

People throughout Singburi, nearby provinces and many other parts of Thailand, know Dr Sommai Tongprasert (a.k.a. Thongprasert) as the physician with both a cancer treatment able to cure just about all cancer patients in the earlier stages as well as a cancer therapy that can help prolong the lives of patients who are in the later stages of cancer, allowing them to live better and longer lives.

If you are driving on the Singburi-Angthong-Chainat Interprovincial Highway 32, look for the City Hall Fresh Fish Market. Next to the market, you will see a pharmacy named “Clinic”, and right next to the drug store is the front of Dr Sommai’s house.

Publisher's Foreward to 'Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD หมอสมหมาย: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer' book

It is a large teak wood house built in 1973. It has been used as a clinic for all kinds of patients. Dr Sommai has used his knowledge of herbology to find herbal medicine to use in combination with modern medical procedures, such as operations and chemotherapy, to create a cure for cancer. He graduated top of his class with a degree in Pharmacology from Chulalongkorn University before attending medical school.

You can see herbs cut-up in small pieces and drying in containers on the concrete floor in front of the house. When you enter the house, you will see a line of seven wood beds to examine. There are patients suffering from cancer and other kinds of illnesses waiting, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

At present, cancer is a major health hazard all over the world and is one of the main causes of death in Thailand. It has a high mortality rate and causes a great deal of pain and suffering — far more than AIDS and cardiovascular diseases. Usually, cancer patients are left in despair and lose hope, causing their families frustration and unhappiness as well.

Actually, cancer is no different than any other disease that destroys human life. How soon this illness can snatch away the lives of patients depends upon the method of treatment and the will of the patients to fight for their lives, as well as determination of their families.

The large number of cancer patients who are evaluated and treated by Dr Sommai who subsequently live normal lives for many years or completely overcome the illness is neither an exaggeration nor a public relations stunt. Patients despairing after hearing their doctors explain that their life expectancy is very limited should not overlook alternative medicine.

This book is a path that can lead you to this physician called the “Miracle Doctor” by cancer patients  as well as the people of Singburi and the surrounding provinces. — Nation Book Publishing

Preface by Asawin Tongprasert

Dr Sommai Tongprasert Thai Government Investigation: Official Conclusion of Triple-Agency Probe into Formula & Discoverer of Herbal Cure for Cancer
announced by
Minister of Public Health Jurin Laksanawisit
6 September 2010