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Dr Sommai Tongprasert cured countless cancer patients during the past half century using a complex, synergistic combination of Thai herbs which enhance, promote and stimulate the immune response.

G-Herb Capsule 1 cancer cure now available!

He has continually developed his herbal cancer cure over 60 years as a licensed medical doctor trained in modern (Western) medicine, specializing in surgery.

He is also a licensed practitioner of traditional Thai medicine with a degree in pharmacology from Thailand's top university.

Dr Sommai's boiled decoction of herbs has steadily improved its anti-tumor activity, benefiting a continually increasing number and percentage of cancer patients.

Many national TV networks and newspapers have reported about Dr Sommai and his herbs for cancer treatment which reduce, cure and prevent cancer because of their autoimmune system boost that cures cancer naturally.

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He has become popularly referred to as “The Miracle Doctor”.

But the queue of patients at Dr Sommai's clinic each morning eventually grew to hundreds of people — with the line starting at 3 am.

Demand for the herbal cancer treatment which inhibits proliferation of the malignant cells became overwhelming for the doctor who is approaching 100 years old.

Boiling the synergistic herbal formula was slow and difficult.

And some of the herbs grow only in a limited geographic area for a very short season — and resist cultivation.

“G-Herb Capsule 1” has overcome all these obstacles. It enables Dr Sommai help more cancer patients in less time.

Convenient. Compact. Easy to carry. Hygienic. And as effective as ever at enabling the human body to heal naturally.

How “G-Herb Capsule 1” Cures Cancer

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“G-Herb Capsule 1” works by empowering and enhancing serous body fluids, enabling the body's natural health mechanisms.

Serous fluids are thin, watery, clear or yellowish or white, slightly alkaline and coagulable.

Lymph (from the Latin word for water) is the most important of serous fluids and the foundation of our immune system. It's about 95% water and 5% blood plasma proteins, glucose, electrolytes.

Lymph feeds and bathes the cells of body tissues, removes cell waste, fills tissue spaces and maintains fluid balance.

Most importantly, lymph produces and transports white blood cells to fight inflammation, infection, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and malignant cells like cancer. It also neutralizes toxins and removes foreign materials.

The lymphatic system is our second circulatory system.

It is an open system, has no central pump, and continually circulates lymph in one direction at a leisurely pace using gravity, muscle action and semilunar valves.

The system includes the spleen and thymus organs plus a complex network of lymph glands, capillary vessels, ducts, sinuses, certain tissues such as bone marrow, and small, oval nodes which produce white blood cells called lymphocytes.

They include the B cells, T cells, and large, glandular, cytotoxic lymphocytes NK (natural killer) & NKT cells vital to our innate immune system.

Dysfunction or deficiency of any part of the lymphatic system and these cells leads to cancers.

Metastasis occurs when cancer hijacks a weak lymphatic system.

“G-Herb Capsule 1” helps out autoimmune system to work correctly and prevents it's misuse by cancer cells at the same time.

Lymph drains into the bloodstream through the the right lymphatic duct and the thoracic duct, the largest lymph vessel, running along the spine.

“G-Herb Capsule 1” Summary

“G-Herb Capsule 1” immediately begins boosting and stimulating your immune system after consumption.

Advanced, modern, hygienic, cGMP-certified, spray-drying technology has replaced traditional boiling of the medicinal herbs.

The powdered and encapsulated extract is as effective as the traditional boiled decoction.

The 450 mg capsules ensure convenient, consistent, correctly measured, properly administered dosages on schedule.

“G-Herb Capsule 1” is registered with, licensed by, and approved for production by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ingredient Thai Herbs Beneficial in Combating Cancer

Canna indica

Canna indica: A flowering decorative plant commonly found in many areas of Thailand. It enhances the lungs, prevents nausea and effectively treats coughing up blood.

Clinacanthus siamensis

Clinacanthus siamensis: Found in lowlands. Cures rashes, herpes and shingles.

Clinacanthus burmanni

Clinacanthus burmanni: Contains Lupeol and Beta sitostrrol. It prevents localized inflammation, aches, swelling, redness and burning from insect bites. Treats herpes and shingles.

Mallotus philippensis

Mallotus philippensis: There is a medical purpose for every part of this perennial that grows to 12 meters (nearly 40 feet) with a 5-petal flower and red or orange-red fruit.

Acanthus ebracteatus

Acanthus ebracteatus: Found primarily at the waterline and banks of canals and rivers. Used fresh or dried to treat impetigo, bad lymph and abscesses.

Polygala chinensis

Polygala chinensis: Rare. Extremely difficult to cultivate. It cures rashes, herpes and shingles.

“G-Herb Capsule 1” Label

Bottle of G-Herb Capsule 1 cancer cure

Drug Name: G-Herb Capsule 1
Thai FDA Traditional Medicine Registration No.: G 75/55
Original Approval Date: 10 February 2012
Active Ingredients: Canna indica, Clinacanthus siamensis, Clinacanthus burmanni, Mallotus philippensis, Acanthus ebracteatus, Polygala chinensis, and others
Manufacturer: Tongprasert Osot
Strength Available: 450 mg per capsule
How Supplied: 60 capsules per sealed, tamper-proof bottle, 6 bottles per pack
Dosage Form | Route: light brown powder in pink capsule, oral
Therapeutic Dosage Administration: 4-6 capsules 30-60 minutes before each meal as prescribed by doctor and/or extensiveness of cancer (12-18 capsules per day).
Prophylactic Dosage Administration: 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before each meal, 6 caps per day
Efficacy: equals boiled decoction of ingredient herbs
Marketing Status: non-prescription
Indications and Usage: therapeutic and prophylactic immune function boost and serous fluid enhancement
Contraindications: none
Warnings: none
Precautions: none
Drug Interactions: drastically enhances effectiveness of chemotherapy
Adverse Reactions: none
Overdosage: no harm
Allergic Reactions: none
Use in Specific Populations: well tolerated by pediatric, adult and geriatric patients of both genders, all races
Stability and Storage: keep cool and dry, do not use beyond expiration date on bottom of bottle (2 years from date of manufacture)
Pharmaceutical Production Facility: cGMP Certified


Thai FDA registration, licensing and approval for production of Herb-G Capsule 1
FDA registration, licensing & production approval
  1. Compatible with all other cancer treatments.
  2. Simultaneous treatment by other methods often advisable, such as surgery or chemotherapy.
  3. Least effective in treatment of leukemia.
  4. Most effective in treatment of Stage 1 & Stage 2 cancers.
  5. Sometimes effective in Stage 3 & Stage 4 cases.
  6. 60-capsule bottle: Baht 900 (approximately Euro 25± | US$32±) [24 April 2013]
  7. 6-pack (360 capsules): Baht 5400 (Euro 146± | US$190±) [24 April 2013]
  8. One bottle = 10 days prophylactic treatment, 3.3 days maximum therapeutic treatment
  9. One pack = 60 days prophylactic treatment, 20 days maximum therapeutic treatment
  10. One month of therapy: large tumors reduced, appetite improved, open sores dried.
  11. Two months of therapy recommended to easily evaluate cancer treatment effectiveness (3 packs for maximum therapeutic dosage [Baht 16200 | Euros 438± | US$569±]). [24-1-13]
  12. Powder can be removed from capsules and mixed with favorite drink (coffee, Ovaltine) if patient has any difficult consuming capsules.