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During the past few decades, Dr Sava V Perovic was frequently cited by leading doctors and organizations worldwide for his research and expertise regarding a wide range of child and adult female genital modification & male genital modification in addition to his wide acclaim for permanent penis enlargement surgery and gender reassignment surgery.

Published below is full list of the surgeries he performed which are now offered by Sava Perovic Foundation.

Dr Sava Perovic performs penis enlargement surgery, gender reassignment surgery (SRS surgery), male to female gender transformation change (MtF surgery) or a female to male operation

The professor's exceptional level of expertise in the area of atypical reproductive anatomies and his remarkable work at the University Children's Hospital in Belgrade with disorders of sex development (DSD) and intersex children was widely acknowledged.

The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) considers his article on "Surgical Treatment of Intersex Disorders" published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery to be important reading.

Dr Perovic was particularly dedicated towards and expert at finding the most natural solutions to penile dysfunction, penile abnormalities and penile problems such as micro penis, bent penis, penile curvature, penile fracture, epispadias, hypertrophic labia, as well as adult chordee with and without hypospadias using tissue engineering and other advanced techniques and methods of penile reconstructive surgeryto reduce the use of artificial materials.

He considered this one of the key reasons for his phenomenal surgical success rate and minimal rate and the minor nature of complications.

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Perovic performed surgery worldwide.

His Foundation continues to offer all types of female genital modification or male genital modification, including penis enlargement surgery, gender reassignment surgery (SRS surgery), both male to female gender transformation change (MtF surgery) or a female to male operation.

Transgender surgery is one of Professor Perovic's many areas of expertise and he has trained the world's leading surgeons and pioneers of sex change transformations by MtF surgery.

There is no need to pay the US$500 to US$6,000 worth of "adminstrative fees" that some USA medical tourists agencies and other medical tourism marketers charge to arrange surgery with Dr Perovic. Contact them directly.

Additional information about Dr Sava Perovic's exceptional expertise is widely available. Here is a partial listing. The surgeries performed by Dr. Sava Perovic include: