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Everything from breast enhancement to transsexual surgery is available in Bangkok and other leading cities in Thailand.

But the cost of the airfare also needs to be considered when thinking of coming here for medical tourism surgery.

And did you check and make sure Bangkok is NOT more expensive than treatment in your city in the USA, Australia, Europe?


Medical tourism in Thailand still has a very few good options if you need high quality treatment but still at an affordable cost because you are not covered by a health care partner in your country or need something not included in your coverage such as drug rehab.

However, if you don't have the time, if plastic surgery in Thailand is too far away, if the medical problem is urgent, if your condition would be worsened by plane travel, or if the best surgeon providing the solution you need such as penile enlargement surgery is NOT located here, then you may find the advanced health care and quality health care in other locations we mention in our articles.

We actively try to maintain the same level of quality and reliability for all service providers we mention anywhere on our site in any article we have published. But we have actually tested very of those service providers by sending our own people for treatment.

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