Pacemaker Heart Surgery for Cardiac Arrhythmias

Pacemaker surgery is minimally invasive heart surgery done in a cardiac catherization lab under local anesthesia. It usually takes less than 45 minutes so heart pacemaker recovery is swift. Pacemaker insertion involves numbing the area under the patient's collarbone and making a 3-inch incision in the tissue above the muscles to create a “pocket” for the pace maker.

Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

During pacemaker heart surgery, the leads of the pacemaker are inserted through a vein near the site of the pocket, and advanced into the heart using fluoroscopy (X-rays) for guidance. The leads are attached to the generator in the pocket and the incision closed.

This heart surgery costs approximately Thai Baht ฿65,000 (about US$1,833 [16 March 2009]), including one night hospital stay, nursing care for the patient, meals and the doctor's visits.

Medtronic pacemakers: also used for treatment for bradycardia (slow heartbeat)

There are two basic types of pacemakers. Cost for a pacemaker depends on the condition of the heart and whether one or two heart chambers need to be stimulated. A single chamber cardiac defibrillator pacemaker costs Thai Baht ฿52,000-69,000 (about US$1,466-1,946 [16 March 2009]).

How much does a pacemaker cost if you need a biventricular pace maker (dual chamber pace maker not including implantable cardiac defibrillator [ICD])? Double — Thai Baht ฿105,000-127,000 (about US$2,961-3,582 [16 March 2009]).

The pacemaker lead, also know as the “pacing lead”, which connects the heart and the power source of the pacemaker costs Thai Baht ฿18,700 (about US$527 [16 March 2009]).

Approximate minimum total cost for single-chamber pacemaker implantation: Thai Baht ฿135,700 (about US$3,827 [on 16 March 2009])

St Jude pacemaker: Anthem by St. Jude Medical

Approximate maximum total cost for biventricular pacemaker installation: Thai Baht ฿210,000 (about US$5,922 [16 March 2009])

St Jude Pacemaker: Microny II

For reasons of cost control, quotations for the larger biventricular pacemaker defibrillator that combines an internal defibrillator with pacemaker functions for the lower two chambers of the heart are given after physical exam and testing determine it is indicated.

Update 5 September 2009: A generator can be replaced within a few days if the electrode lead is still in good condition. The pacemaker insertion is done under local anaesthesia.

Boston Scientific Corporation's (formerly Guidant) Vitality 2 ICD is reportedly the world's smallest (30 cc) & thinnest (11 mm). It terminates lethal cardiac arrhythmias and provides pacing support when needed by persons at risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Vitality 2's proprietary “Rhythm ID algorithm” helps manage complex cardiac arrhythmias by providing 94% specificity while maintaining 100% sensitivity for people at risk of SCD.

The “Vitality 2 EL” is designed for exceptionally long service so comes with a 7-year pacemaker warranty time limit.

Cardiac arrhythmia solution: implantable cardioverter defibrillator Vitality 2 by Boston Scientific

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