MOST AFFORDABLE IVF Fertility Treatment & PGD Screening Fertility Center

PGD Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

IVF Thailand cost is Baht 150,000 (US$5,000 ±) at the Fertility Center of a modern JCI-accredited & ISO-certified private hospital. The IVF cost includes sundry tests and various minor expenses.

In addition to the most affordable IVF in Bangkok, they also have the most affordable PGD gender selection in Thailand, at Baht 99,000 (US$3,300 ±) until 30 September 2011.

PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) 5 Color (X, Y, 13, 18, 21) (13, 18, 21, 16, 22) is the PGD needed for sex selection.

IVF with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) at this Bangkok IVF center is again the most affordable of ANY Bangkok IVF centers at Baht 170,000 (US$5,667 ±).

Whether in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic diagnosis or the combination of IVF with PGD screening, this hospital in Thailand has the best prices for IVF and is the best value for money.

It is calm, quiet and friendly with a positive attitude, transparency, honesty, professionalism and IVF success rates as high as any other IVF centers — or higher. They tell the TRUTH about their IVF success rates and accept even the most difficult cases. They are FSH-friendly & age-friendly.

One Bangkok IVF center “medical director” who is presented by his entourage as among Thailand's “most eminent” told such BIG LIES and TALL TALES about their IVF success rates that leading international fertility doctors felt professionally compelled to expose the bogus claims and contacted us. See our article: Bangkok IVF Success Rates for Fertility Center at Hospital in Thailand.

IVF with ICSI: US$5000

IVF egg donation PGD combination is available. The services of Thai Egg Donors start at Baht 30,000 minimum and could go as high as Baht 70,000-100,00 for some donors.

These are private, personal arrangements and not a commercial service by the hospital but they will help you.

We are aware of no Thai surrogate service that meets our criteria of:

For more info regarding a surrogate mother and surrogate mothering in Thailand, click the link in the right column and read our article: Surrogate Mothers & Surrogacy in Thailand 2011.

Our 2010-2011 re-evaluation of IVF egg donation PGD infertility treatment service providers was difficult until we discovered our current top recommendation for service provider. And weren't we surprised!

Like at present, our previous top recommendation for a number of years was a private hospital department. But the specialist in charge evolved. His priorities changed. He adopted the American “health care for profit”. Emphasis migrated from health care to making boatloads of money. Eventually, heading a department in a hospital became a hindrance to profiteering. He left to create a better money-making machine in swanky, plush offices in pricey downtown Bangkok.

2011 Mid-Year     Summary

We recommend none of the five IVF service providers in Bangkok that readers ask us about most often. Why?? We know too much.

Guess which is just a stage of rented office space where doctors go only for pre-arranged appointments but work elsewhere all the other time? It's not even a clinic.

Guess which slick enterprise with a cool name & great interior decoration is located in a hospital with a POLICY of hidden costs? And prices that change according to race, skin color & nationality? And is only renting floor space in the hospital, not even a department of it?

Guess which hospital's fertility section actually sends all the real work to it's sister hospital in another part of Bangkok?

Guess which posh service provider has “LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!” regarding success rate claims in addition to having staff with an extremely negative, condescending attitude toward non-Thai patients although they hypocritically smile to your face?

During our extensive, face-to-face, 2010 interview with that specialist and his employees, we were shocked at the bad attitude towards patients of the so-called patient consultants. The “International Consult Director” openly complained about patients asking so many questions. She scornfully said patients should talk less, pay faster.

It was a mind boggling change from when they were a hospital department! We couldn't wish that kind of experience on anyone.

In our evaluation formula used to determine good value for money, a smart doctor, beautiful reception area, slick staff in suits with lots of gel in hair, and an embryology lab DO NOT outweigh racism, prices double what Thai people pay, a patronizing, condescending attitude, unsavory accounting practices and excessive profiting off of surrogate mothers and egg donors.

We advise prospective parents looking for treatment in Thailand to get their IVF Egg Donation PGD Infertility Treatment directly from a leading, full-service, ultra-modern, JCI-accredited and ISO-certified private HOSPITAL with English speaking doctors that will charge you the lowest prices for IVF, IVF PGD, ICSI, FET — Disavowed Hospital Infertility Center.

It is located in Bangkok's beautiful, trendy "Green Area" in the east of the city that Thai people prefer to the expensive, noisy, smelly, polluted and congested concrete pit of downtown — the REAL Thailand — it's as beautiful as any hospital for tourists.

The eastern suburbs have plenty of shopping centers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, activities, cinemas, super stores, supermarkets, IT centers, golf courses, fishing (with fish bigger than five men can lift out of the water), entertainment, top wellness centers offering premier quality traditional Thai massage & aroma therapy, and there are affordable resort accommodations near the hospital.

The 11-year-old infertility center of Disavowed Hospital offers the best value for money we can find.

Honest and sincere, you will not get special treatment because you are from abroad but you will get the same internationally accredited high quality service they give their tens of thousands of Thai patients.

We get about 98% of our personal medical care of any type from Disavowed Hospital. It's where WE have our babies. (But they changed)

Disavowed Hospital has provided good care and good service to the Thai community of eastern Bangkok for 18 years. (But they changed)

Disavowed Hospital is perhaps the ONLY large private hospital in Bangkok offering NO PLASTIC SURGERY. CEO Dr Virat Chuen-im doesn't consider that REAL medicine. Without plastic surgery they are still BOOMING & growing rapidly in Bangkok's extremely competitive health care market.
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Infertility IVF vacations in Bangkok Thailand

Their highly experienced, board-certified infertility doctors in Bangkok with world class IVF success rates and 100& PGD success for gender selection, provide infertility counseling for both male infertility and female infertility as well as arranging IVF pregnancy. Like the cost of in vitro fertilization, all their infertility services are affordable and they use the latest technology. This is where one Bangkok IVF hospital (well known to the international IVF seekers because of good marketing) actually sends all the work when you leave their building. Cut out all unnecessary middle men that provide no added value service.

All types of female infertility treatment are available, not only invitro fertilization. Asian female egg donations cost the same as previously quoted. Their Thai infertility doctors will help you acquire everything you need such as IVF egg donation PGD at this full-service, one-stop, advanced infertility, laparoscopy and endoscopy center — easy, convenient, effective, safe, reliable and trustworthy, ISO-certified, JCI-accredited and more.

The doctors can provide IVF ICSI or whatever assisted reproductive techniques and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) you need all in one location and using their own lab. During your IVF vacation you can stay near the infertility clinic of the hospital at a peaceful, romantic and beautiful resort for only about US$60± per night.

Nearby furnished apartments are available from Baht 850-1,600 (US$28.34 to US$53.34 per day or Baht 4,000-5,000 per month (US$134 to US$167 per month).

IVF vacations in affordable luxury

Many patients each day come to this advanced laparoscopy, endoscopy and infertility hospital department for treatment, including at least one infertility treatment daily. IVF vacations in Bangkok Thailand are affordable, effective, efficient, streamlined and pleasant.

If you want top quality infertility doctors that do not exaggerate, inflate or outright lie about their success rates and are supported by a large, modern, leading Thai hospital with top quality equipment and latest technologies — all at affordable and competitive prices and in one location — then this is currently our only recommendation.

Because they have few staff who speak English well, your visit needs to be scheduled at least one week in advance so they can ensure the right people are on duty the day you go. They have enough staff who speak English and some other languages IF appointments are pre-arranged. If you read all the info and prices they have provided to us, you will have a positive and enjoyable visit whether you get pregnant or not.