We support good practices in health care delivery. We fight bad ones.

The 'Golden Rule' governs our recommendations to international medical tourists: “Where would I go for health care if I had your problem?”

We look for better care at lower cost — best value for money.

We look for good intent and good practices but not perfection.

When Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM discovers a well intended health care service provider with good practices and offering good value for money, we publish our findings and share the good news whether they are in Thailand or elsewhere.

When any health care service provider stops satisfying the majority of our expectations — we disavow them.

If a health care service provider stops meeting our expectations about something of major importance, such as lying, cheating, excessive racism, rampant greed — we disavow them.

Rather than simply deleting the article or use strikethrough, we disavow the persons or facility — an announcement that what we said in the past is no longer valid.

There are only TWO good reasons to leave the convenience, comfort and safety of your own city and country to travel somewhere else for health care:

  1. Significantly superior surgical results; or
  2. Reasonably good health care at substantially lower cost.

In 2007, more than a few health care service providers in Thailand offered good health care at good prices — excellent value for money.

Between then and now, much of the private Thai health care system adopted the American model of health care for obscene profits.

Many private Thai hospitals now charge global medical tourists more than the USA, the UK and Australia. Plus you must pay airfare and lodging.

The Thailand advantage was ALWAYS greater affordability. It NEVER offered significantly better health care services.

All prices published on this web site are PROBABLY out of date. Every time we check on current prices for any procedure or treatment the cost has gone up.

How much have prices changed for international medical tourists? The most reasonable and moderate increases have been about 35-55%:

For many things, price increases have been drastic.

Do your due diligence. Or you may pay more for health care in Thailand than you would in the USA, the UK or Australia.

Thais should also do their due diligence because some hospitals in Bangkok charge them more than it would cost in the USA.

Perhaps the most unacceptable fact about much of the private Thai healthcare system is racist pricing. They already make so much profit on the prices they charge Thais that some of the largest and best hospitals have zero interest in patients from abroad and market only to Thais.

Healthcare prices for international medical tourists can be double or triple Thai prices. That's the level of profit we consider “obscene” and a practice of flagrant, unacceptable racism.

The health care we want for ourselves and our loved ones is:

We want the service providers of health care for ourselves and our loved ones to be:

We want the goals of our health care service providers to include: