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cost lap band surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

cost of lap band surgery at international hospital Cost of Lap Band Surgery (lapband surgery, including two nights stay in hospital) US$9,000
Patient must have a BMI of 40 or more to qualify for this procedure that involves three hours of surgery under general anesthesia. Follow-up examinations are at two and four weeks after surgery during which time patient is on liquid diet. Patients are advised to remain in Thailand two months.

BMI Calculator

lap band surgery requires minimum BMI of 40+

Weight loss with medicines or herbal products US$20 per month

Orthopedic Surgery | Orthopedic Surgeon (Orthopaedics)

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Torn Meniscus Surgery | ACL Injury Reconstruction & ACL Surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Rehabilitation) ฿130,000
(about US$3,908 on 24 July 2008)

Total Hip Arthroplasty for women or men (Hip Replacement Surgery):

Total Hip Replacement Surgery with Cement: US$4,415

Cementless Hip Replacement Surgery: US$5,445

Anterior Cervical Dissection: US$4,625

Anterior Cervical Dissection (with Fusion): US$6,250

Arthoscopic Debridement: US$2,750

Lumbar Laminectomy with Fusion: US$7,000

Dissection: US$3,500

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion US$1,400

Laminectomy & Discectomy: US$2,100

C-Spine Fusion Decompression: US$1,400

Spinal fracture fixation using Harrington Rod
· Surgery under General Anesthesia US$2,450
· Pedicle Screw for Spinal Fracture US$4,200
· Harrington Rod with Post-laminectomy Fusion US$2,800

Removal of Harrington Rod: US$1,400

Pelvis-Screw Fracture Fixation: US$1,750

Fracture Acetabulum: US$2,800

Spinal Stenosis: ฿150,000 (about US$4,508 on 24 July 2008)
[add ฿50,000 if metal implant needed.]

Knee Replacement Surgery

Hernia Surgery | Hernia Repair

Inguinal Hernia Surgery | Hernia Repair | Hiatal Hernia Treatment

Herniorrhaphy, Inguinal ฿30,000-40,000, 3-4 nights hospital stay
Expected Total Cost = US$1,367 to US$1,668

Herniorrhaphy, Laparoscopic 1 site ฿70,000-80,000 3-4 nights
Herniorrhaphy, Laparoscopic 2 sites ฿80,000-100,000 4-6 nights
[฿30,000 = about US$902± | ฿100,000 = about US$3,006±]

Surgery inserts prolene mesh over defect and includes anesthesia.

Prices do NOT include medications such as Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) also know as a “pain free surgery” morphine drip, which costs approximately US$60 for two days, nor does it include nursing and hospital stay.

A Superior Room costs US$135/day. Food and nursing care is included in the room rate. It has air-conditioning, phone, couch, cable TV with news, movies and sports in English, refrigerator, table, and a locker.

A Suite costs US$215/day. Food and nursing care is included in the room rate and it has everything found in a Superior Room with the addition of a small living room separated from the patient's room by a door which can be left open or closed, it's larger, has separate cable TV in both the patient's room and living room and has a microwave oven. The primary advantage of a Suite is the ability for patient or significant other to have privacy.

However, couples may not need a Suite because all rooms have a large couch/sofa which relatives and significant others use as a bed. Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided for relatives at no charge. The hospital can provide a fold-away bed but reports that everyone chooses the couch when they see the small size of the fold-up bed.

This hospital provides Inguinal Hernia Surgery for:
Operating Room (and anesthesia) + Doctor's Fee = Thai Baht 30,000
VIP Room 1st Night (including nursing & medication) = Thai Baht 12,000
VIP Room 2nd Night (including nursing & medication) = Thai Baht 5,500
VIP Room 3rd  Night (including nursing & medication) = Thai Baht 5,500
Expected Total Cost = Thai Baht ฿53,500 (US$1,608±)

Longer stay is unusual and only if there are complications.

Umbilical Hernia approximately Thai Baht 70,000-80,000 (±US$2,120-US$2,425), EXCLUDING cost of hospital stay and medications.

Umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia and a hiatal hernia are located in different areas of the body, have different processes for surgery (which also depends on severity), different lengths of hospital stay and different prices. Provide full details in your medical history to get an accurate quotation for your case.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery | Hernia Repair | Hernia Treatment in Bangkok

External Hemorrhoids Treatment | Internal Hemorrhoid Surgery

Traditional Hemorrhoidectomy: ฿26,500, including one day hospital stay (about US$787.75±) Thai Baht 33.64 = US$1.00 on 25 August 2009.

Staple Hemorrhoidectomy: ฿72,000, including two days hospital stay (about US$2,140.30±)

Rubber-Band Ligation (out-patient procedure): ฿1,500 for one site; ฿3,000 for two; ฿3,500 for three (about US$44.58 to US$104±)

Hemorrhoid Treatment - involves hemorrhoids surgery under nerve block or general anesthesia. Exact cost of treating hemorrhoids can only be determined by doctor's evaluation after physical exam: Appoximately ฿60,000 (including several days hospital stay, about US$1,935±). Laser hemorrhoidectomy does not yield better results than one done with a scalpel.

Note: Exchange rate for credit card transactions 24 July 2008 for travellers checks Thai Baht (฿)333.27 = US$1. Thai Baht symbol should appear like this Thai Baht in your browser.

photo: ISO certified hospital in Bangkok which accepts medical tourists from other countries

 ISO-certified hospital that focuses primarily on Thai patients but accepts patients from outside of Thailand and quotes prices in Baht. Accepts all major credit cards. Primary orthopedic surgeon is Associate Professor, MD, FIMS, FRCS. They provide a moderate-level of customer service for all patients. Published prices include operating room fee, doctor's fee and hospital stay. They accept all major credit cards. Prices may vary according to patient's current condition and doctor's evaluation. Their prices specifically include: 1) operating room charge; 2) medication needed for the procedure; 3) medical equipment and supplies needed to perform the procedure; 4) hospital stay; 5) standard menu food costs; 6) the doctor's fee; 7) the anesthesiologist's fee; 8) nursing care; and 9) pre-operative physical exam and laboratory tests.

Their prices specifically exclude: 1) the cost of staying more than the pre-specified number days; 2) special nursing; 3) food and drinks outside of the regular menu; 3) phone calls; 4) guest or visitor meals; 5) treatment of pre-exisiting conditions or underlying diseases that also require treatment; 7) treatment of complications or infections; 8) transport.

ISO-certified international hospital with equal focus on serving Thai patients as well as those from outside of Thailand. For patients from outside Thailand who have been coordinated by Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM they provide extensive customer service. They have staff that speak many, many languages. Their price quotations never include the cost of any unforeseen complications. And they usually exclude the cost of medicines such as pain killers and antibiotics which are prescribed as warranted so cannot be predicted accurately.