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Health care is personal and impacts on all of us. International medical tourism makes it affordable to more persons and raises the standard of care they can get. It stimulates competition which means better services and lower costs. We focus on medical tourism in Thailand but also inform our readers of good value and interesting health care information found elsewhere, ranging from elective surgeries such as breast enlargement or penis enlargement surgery to required procedures such as cardiac pacemaker surgery and dental implants.

Medical tourism in Thailand continues to be extremely competitive and attractive for a good cosmetic dentist, drug rehab, and infertility treatment. But for other things such as FtM & MtF SRS transsexual surgery we think the very best surgical results are achieved by a urologist elsewhere, not by plastic surgery in Thailand. For that reason we mention some surgeons and services in other countries around the world.

Drug alcohol rehab care in Thailand

The sites of health care providers we mention on our pages which are external resources are carefully selected and more than 95% of requests for inclusion are declined. We try to keep outbound links focused on topics closely related to personal health care and on topic.

We review every site that asks us to suggest them as one of your health care partners but you must do your own research regarding them and not rely solely on our editorial opinion and inclusion here. We also include some web sites we think are cool and useful but not strictly related to our main goal of providing a low cost health insurance alternative.