Preface by Asawin Tongprasert
“Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer”

Hello, dear readers. My name is Asawin Tongprasert. I was born on 29 January 1982 and at the time this book is being published I am 28 years old.

I met Dr Sommai Tongprasert by accident in 1998 when I was ill with allergies and came to receive treatment by injection at his clinic. My father (Dr Sommai) calls this treatment he discovered “Auto Blood”. He withdraws some of the patient’s blood, mixes it with his medicine, and injects it back into the patient’s body. It completely cured my allergies.

Preface by Asawin Tongprasert to 'Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD: The Miracle Doctor Who Triumphed Over Cancer' book

After talking with me, he learned that my biological father had died and I was living with my maternal grandparents. At that time I was in my final year of secondary school studying at Chainatpithayakom School. I had no idea what I would be doing are where I would be going in the future after graduation, since I had no parents to help take care of me. Dr Sommai invited me to work for him and in 2002 he legally adopted me. Because I lived in his home, which is also a clinic for out-patients, I have seen everything that goes on all the time. Patients who are cancer victims should read this book carefully because everything I tell you herein is true and things I have witnessed myself and encountered the entire time I have lived in this home.

Cancer is a very frightful disease no matter which part of the body it attacks. The patient suffers a great deal but I have never been afraid of cancer. Perhaps it is because I was living with a physician who has devoted himself to fighting cancer for over 30 years. Believe it or not, if you were a cancer patient and told him where the cancer was, when you had found out about it and where it had spread to, he can tell you right away whether or not he is able to cure you and how much time you have left to live.

If he said that he was unable to cure a particular patient, nobody else would be able to help the person. Most cancer patients who have come to my father have usually already received treatment from other places, for example, having part of the intestine cut out or removing a breast. Everyone knows full well that getting rid of cancer is very difficult because it is extremely persistent. Removing a breast if you have breast cancer does not mean that you are completely cured. Cancer can be found in the tissue and blood cells and the possibility of it spreading to other areas is high.

Let’s say that you are well-to-do and have found out that you have cancer. Then you subsequently receive a treatment from someone who has little experience with it. These days many doctors from well-to-do families graduate from private medical schools. There is a mixture of high and low quality in terms of professionalism. You have stomach pains and go to see a doctor, who gives you medication for ulcers without carefully checking. You may later find out that you have cancer. Some people spend millions at famous hospitals. Some died and left all kinds of debts to their families. I can tell you that many of those people die sooner than those who receive treatment from my father.

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I used to ask my father why he did not help treat some well-known people, such as celebrities, who had cancer. He said that they already had many physicians of their own to care for them and he did not want to borrow trouble. I have seen patients who have symptoms similar to those of Yodrak Salakjai [famous Thai country singer who died of cancer in 2006] but are still alive under my father’s care. I would like you to meet and talk with those patients who have already recovered or are being treated without the pain and suffering of chemotherapy, radiation, or operations. Dr Sommai is a highly respectable surgeon who graduated from Siriraj and is one of the founders of Singburi Hospital, not a quack who gathered some herbs and called it a cure for cancer.

My father told me that he had found this formula by accident. He went to see a couple in 1970 and the husband was ill. He knew that this person would die soon. However, when he returned a year later, the patient was still alive and well, due to this herbal medicine. My father has improved on it and has brought it into the realm of modern medicine with his decades of research and experimentation. It has been proven that his medicine has helped cure or lengthen the lives of cancer patients considerably. Because of this medicine’s success, there was research done in both Siriraj Hospital and Mahidol University with the conclusion that this medicine could stop the spreading of cancer cells.

I would like to tell the readers that there was a big foreign company that approached my father for his copyright of the medicine. If Dr Sommai had sold it, he would have made a large amount of money. Yet, he refused the offer. Sometimes, he feels hurt that people or institutes in Thailand involving cancer fail to pay attention to the results of his medicine. In my opinion, it’s because importing medicine from abroad is tremendously profitable to many people so why should they care about cheap herbal medicine? Cancer is a big money-maker. Well-to-do patients can receive all kinds of treatment, but may die anyways. There is so much more going on behind the scenes, more than what we see.

Many years ago, a government institute asked my father to send the herbal medicine to them so that they could do some testing. It was a considerable amount throughout the years. Finally, we found out the truth from some patients who told us that the medicine from this institute was exactly the same as our medicine. My father did not mind that the institute sold our medicine to the patients for profit, but it went against his goal. He does not care much about money. He only wants patients to be treated properly.

For decades, my father has treated his breast cancer patients without removing the breast. The basic steps are, for example, when finding cancer lumps of 4-5 cm in the breast, he would use his medication and follow up very closely. I dare say that all the lumps shrank. Then Dr Sommai would arrange for doctors at some hospitals to remove the lumps while the patients continue to take their medication. I have witnessed so many of them. It sounds very easy, but in fact, it takes a great deal of experience.

I have seen my father happy because the patients get better. They need not remove their breasts and the cancer cells do not spread to other areas. The lucky people are those patients who come to Dr Sommai before they suffer something unnecessary done by physicians who lack true experience. For example, if you wanted to go somewhere and drove around aimlessly while hoping to find that place, then what would happen? The answer is that you would waste your time, energy and money for gasoline.

However, if you were to ask somebody who knew the place well, you would have a clearer picture of its location. It is the same as talking to people who also are cancer patients with similar symptoms and know where to get the right treatment. You would hit the nail on the head. You could ask about the treatment or compare with people who have received treatment from some inexperienced doctors. Don’t forget that cancer is not like a toothache, where pulling the tooth out would completely cure it. They are bad cells in our bodies. Improper treatment may result in unnecessary pain and suffering, or in some cases, death.

My father says “Cancer consumes the body every second — you cannot wait. You are taking a risk. Some people use bio-organic consumption to control it. Without food, humans can’t survive. Some patients use detoxification as a treatment.” Those are not real cures. Many patients, whose doctors have already given up and told them to spend their last days resting at home, came to my father for treatments and have gotten good results.

Dr Sommai’s clinic does not have all types of public relations activities like many hospitals or clinics. Patients learn about it by word of mouth. His medicine is not easy to make. Some herbs cannot be grown, as they only grow during certain seasons. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has tried unsuccessfully.

There was a wealthy American couple who had seen the results of this medicine and wished to extract it for curative breast cancer in the USA, as it seems more Americans have breast cancer than Thais. However, their strict laws regarding importing medication make it very difficult to do so. The funny thing about Thai people is, they tend to agree with the ideas of Westerners. If a Westerner said that something is good, the Thais always go along.

Furthermore, there was a Japanese patient who sought my father’s treatment for his brain cancer. After treatment when he went to get it scanned, they could not find any more cancerous cells. As a result, the Japanese physician who originally cared for this man became interested and contacted Dr Sommai, as he was interested in my father’s treatment.

Most of Dr Sommai’s patients are poor, at most middle class, because most wealthy people usually get their treatment in expensive places — which does not always work. My father is presently 89 years old and will not have enough strength to treat patients much longer. He cares for his patients — even as he was ill in bed, hooked up to an IV — he still got up to treat them when they needed him.

As far as I am concerned, he is the best doctor in treating cancer patients. Because he is both a physician and a researcher in cancer, wearing two hats simultaneously. He studies the medicine, has done hands-on research, and has developed new and useful things for the world.

Dr Sommai cooperated with the publication of this book so that Thai people would be able to understand how cancer is extremely frightening from different factors. He often says to me “Most cancers come from the food we eat. Even 20-year-old kids have it.” Cancer was practically nonexistent during his time. The world has changed so much. For example, when you buy take-away food, it is put in a plastic bag. Some plastic bags contain certain chemical substances that can cause cancer. However, we cannot completely avoid it – only be more careful. At this time, my father is still treating patients, but not for much longer, due to his own health. Actually, people of his age need rest and relaxation but he still works for his patients. Without him, many lives would be lost or in pain and suffering for a long time.

What can we do? All lives must follow their Karma.

Dr Sommai Tongprasert, will always be my father and the ‘Miracle Doctor’ for many people. — Asawin Tongprasert

Prologue by Dr Sommai