World Leader in Bent Penis Peyronies Disease Treatment, Penis Enlargement Surgery, Hypospadias Repair, Penile Implant Surgery, Gender Reassignment Surgery, Penis Curvature Correction, Female Genital Modification & Male Genital Modification

Get your Total Phalloplasty by Dr Sava V Perovic in beautiful Belgrade and save

In the past, the Sava Perovic Foundation Surgical Team, the world's leading resconstructive surgeons with the planet's supreme surgical results for any complex urogenital problem, sometimes performed surgery training in Bangkok.

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Now their unrivalled bent penis Peyronies Disease treatment, penile implant surgery, penis enlargement surgery, hypospadias correction, gender reassignment surgery, MtF Surgery, sexual reassignment surgery (SRS surgery), female to male operation, and amazing solutions for congenital defects, urethral anomalies, urinary incontinence, epispadias, chordee, all other genito-urinary problem, female genital modification & male genital modification is done only in Belgrade, Serbia, not Bangkok, in order to ensure the very best results.

We charge no fee to put you directly in touch with the Perovic Case Manager who arranges your surgery or consultation with the Sava Perovic Foundation at no cost. No deposit is required. There are no advanced payments. There are no authorized agents. There are no genuine representatives other than his official case manager.

photo: Dr Sava Perovic

Visits to Belgrade by patients are well organized and streamlined. The Sava Perovic Foundation's surgical fees are package prices that include everything except the cost of your hotel and airfare, extra food not provided by the hospital, and any activities not related to the surgery.

Patients are picked up at the airport by the Foundation's driver and taken back to the airport when it is time to return home. There is no charge for the medical facility and, in many cases, it is possible to stay at the medical facility the entire visit. A companion can also stay at the facility for Euros 50 per day. Hotels nearby cost Euros 50 to 60 per night.

Dr Rados Djinovic, Chairman of the Sava Perovic Foundation and leader of the Foundation's Surgical Team, takes full responsibility for any subsequent complications following surgery he performs. There is no time limit on how long his patients can continue to ask questions and consult him after receiving surgery. The Foundation's fees are more enlightened, patient-friendly and comprehensive than the “surgical global fee policy” law of the USA for physicians performing surgery implemented under the USA's Medicare because Dr Djinovic:

The Sava Perovic Foundation experiences an overall surgery success rate in the range of 95-100%.

Great Britain's National Health Service (NHS) has sent patients to Professor Perovic after the best British surgeons have failed as many as 22 times on the same patient. The NHS continues to send patients to Dr Djinovic and his surgical team.

Sava Perovic was widely regarded worldwide as having the most advanced, effective and successful solutions for all congenital or acquired hermaphrodite genitals, ambiguous genitalia, abnormal genitalia and deformed genitalia. He was likely the best urological surgeon of our time.

Through the Foundation created a number of years ago, Dr Perovic has ensured reconstructive urological surgery and clinical pediatric surgery will continue to advance greatly in the years ahead — and that more people than ever will get the highest quality surgical solutions to their health problems that they deserve.

Dr Sava Perovic penis enlargement surgery

The Perovic surgical method of penis enlargement creates substantial and permanent gains that cannot be achieved by any so-called penis enlargement pills, powders, herbs, medicines, patches, pumps, weights, penis enlargement exercises or injections of any type.

The Perovic penis enlargement procedure increases penis size (penis girth phalloplasty and a longer penis by ligamentolysis) and surpasses any other comparable surgical procedures or penis enlargement techniques as well as being permanent.

Are there medications and herbs one can take to increase penis size? Dr Philip E. Werthman, MD, FACS, Director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine, Los Angeles California, USA says: "To be very clear about it, there is really NOTHING that effectively increases penis size. All the ads on television and in magazines and that say 'if you take this herbal medication it will add inches to your penis' ARE ALL LIES and bogus! If that were the case, I would be taking them. They don't work!" Surgery is required.

photo: Permanent penis enlargement surgery by Dr Sava Perovic

Advanced Perovic surgical techniques enable his female to male sex change patients to have a functioning penis.

Child or adult patients who have experienced disastrous results at the hands of other surgeons are welcome to have Dr Djinovic correct both the bad surgery and the original problem the surgery was supposed to correct but only made worse.

To schedule any female genital modification or male genital modification, including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, and gender reassignment surgery including MtF and FtM sex change gender transformation. We will refer your request directly to the Perovic Case Manager — or contact him through their site.

We invite you to do your own research and/or ask your medical doctor's opinion of the Sava Perovic Foundation's transgender makeovers, advanced tissue engineering, and incredible rate of success for male to female change sexual reassignment surgery (SRS surgery) and especially female to male (FtM).

The urogenital system surgeries performed by the reconstructive surgeons of the Sava Perovic Foundation are categorized into seven groups, including: