Surgery Overseas Avoids SuperBugs Back Home

photo: Plastic surgery abroad avoids SuperBugs back home

Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM does not offer “cut-price” surgery. Prices quoted are FULL price — for Thailand. But even the highest surgical fees by the top plastic surgeons, brain surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, general surgeon or any other physicians & surgeons in Thailand are drastically lower than in Europe, Australia or the USA and the health care and hygiene standards are high. Fee variation in Thailand is often due to differences in overhead, facility size, profit margin, patient volume and the fame of the doctor or hospital, not because one provides inferior health care or has a lower standard of cleanliness or offers “cut-price” surgery.

The Irwin Mitchell UK law firm has a story about going abroad for “cut-price” surgery. Notice the news headline in the column on the right: “SuperBugs in (UK) Care Homes Considered Less of a Priority”. It explains that the UK Government's “targets to reduce superbug infections remain focused on hospitals” while the lawyer complained “the rate of (UK) healthcare acquired infection in care homes is still increasing”.

photo: Michael Moore's Sicko | more good reasons for surgery overseas

The law firm has a few interesting news articles about health care — as well as a number about the latest doctor they have successfully taken to court. The lawyer writing the the story about cosmetic surgery abroad advises you to “think carefully” before deciding. However, if you read the other articles on their site, the conclusion you reach may not be the one for which she was hoping.

When considering Thailand for your health care, ask yourself whether the quality of health care in your own country is really better just because it costs five times as much or takes months or years longer to obtain.

The writer of the article cleverly chose the ominous sounding term “cut-price” surgery rather than “affordable surgery” because it infers doctors abroad are slashing prices to compete — or cutting corners to reduce the cost of surgery overseas. That's not the case in Thailand. In many Western countries you are simply paying far too much and waiting far too long for health care that is not better and where SuperBug infections such as MRSA and C difficile are increasing.

photo: cover of Michael Moore's Sicko | Overseas surgery costs a fraction of surgery in the USA

At least the British lawyer confesses that: “The advantage of having the treatment done here (UK) is that if something did go wrong then the surgeons are insured and easy to trace if a negligence action needs to be brought for compensation.” So her point is the ease with which she could sue a doctor based in the UK, not that the UK has better physicians & surgeons than those in Thailand.

It is also important to note that the “cut-price” surgery mentioned in the article was obtained in EUROPE, not Thailand, and that the problem was not bad surgery but subsequent complications. That is one reason many Thai doctors ask you to stay in Thailand two weeks or longer after surgery so they can monitor your healing.

photo: Jay Leno Sicko Health Care Card | Surgery overseas is affordable

Is health care in the expensive Western countries better? “... 732 care homes in England were rated poor by the Commission for Social Care Inspection and 43 were so bad that they had enforcement measures taken against them despite that all care homes are obliged to follow the infection control guidelines”. (Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM is now researching long-term nursing homes [care homes] for the elderly in response to a number of inquiries.)

And read their article “Poor Hand Hygiene Causing More Cases of MRSA” which revealed that in England "in the average hospital trust, the rate of compliance with proper hand-cleaning practice is only 40 per cent. In some trusts, it is as low as 10 per cent". Read this page of our site if you think the USA is any better. And be sure to see Michael Moore's new film “SiCKO”.

The solicitor's advice is good: “think carefully” about surgery overseas and plastic surgery abroad if you want to avoid the SuperBugs and all those medical personnel who don't wash their hands. You'll pay about 85% less for surgery, get the surgery now, and recover in “The Land of Smiles”, one of the world's premier tourist destinations.