“The Thai Phalloplasty Procedure” — Ancient, Traditional, Secret Phalloplasty Technique of the Male Stars of Bangkok 'Floor Shows'!

Why NOT to get Traditional Thai phalloplasty

The secret penile augmentation procedure used by the male performers in many of Bangkok's reknown “Floor Shows” at world-famous watering holes such as Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui Island might be the second-best alternative to the world's premier penis enlargement surgery by Dr Sava Perovic using tissue engineering and PLGA scaffolds.

Men often ask us if the Thai plastic surgeons who have studied Sava Perovic's penile surgery to create large male genitals using tissue engineering with biodegradable scaffolds perform the phalloplasty in Bangkok.

Dr Perovic said: “They do not have scaffolds, nor the appropriate lab in which to prepare it as they should so they cannot have the same results. And of course, there are many tricks in this procedure … ” When recently asked if the situation had changed during the past few years, the urologist said: “I cannot recommend anyone in Thailand.”

Penile enlargement surgery based on traditional Thai folk medicine

However, there is one Thai plastic surgeon who offers what we refer to as “The Thai Phalloplasty Procedure” for penis enlargement which is a secret, traditional Thai folk medicine technique for penile girth enhancement. To maximize safety, it requires very highly developed technique and lots of experience but when implemented by a very skilled and highly experienced surgeon, it is reported to have no disadvantages, no side-effects and no complications. This penile enhancement surgery (actually injections, not surgery) is affordable by most men at Thai Baht 60,000 [US$2000]. The photographic evidence can be enlarged to full-screen and actual size.

New in 2013

Injectable PLGA tissue engineering makes this no longer an advisable solution under any circumstances.

If you still want to get this surgery:

A non-refundable Administrative Fee of US$200 payable thru PayPal
Thai Baht 6400 by direct deposit
is now required to make an appointment with this plastic surgeon.

This is how some male performers in Thai sex shows can start their stage performance with an instantaneous, huge, erection, have sex with their female partners in an exhausting myriad of positions for an extended period of time and leave the stage with apparently the same erection with which he started. What few people notice is the guy usually holds his penis when entering or leaving the floor show because without a natural erection the penis will not stand up on it's own although still stiff and firm. Further explanation below.

The video below shows a “before” photo as well “after” photos at 3, 9 & 22 days after the procedure as well as at 12 & 22 months post-op. Some important notes about the photos:

Other important facts about this procedure:

The phalloplasty surgeon offering this penile enhancement has been a medical doctor and a certified surgeon for two decades. He is so good that his surgical fees in Bangkok tend to be HIGHER than 75% of the plastic surgeons in the USA.

'The Thai Procedure' - the secret penile enhancement surgery used by the males stars of Bangkok 'Floor Shows'!

We have followed his work for more than 10 years and he is very popular among Thailand's entertainment industry's performers of both film, TV and live performance.

A very ethical physician with great concern for the welfare of his patients, he is fluent in English and heads the aesthetic surgery department of the largest ISO-certified hospital in a large, publicly-listed chain of hospitals in Thailand. He also has a booming private practice that requires him to work at his clinic until 3 am most evenings — despite the fact that most American plastic surgeons charge LESS.

This very senior surgeon currently at the top of his game is a:

… has kept his skills at world-class levels by periodic additional education and training from:

… of course he is:

… his hospital in Bangkok is:

Penile augmentation using 'The Thai Procedure' stimulates tissue growth and works even better after penile lengthening

This method of penis girth enlargement requires the patient to be circumcised because it produces a permanent firmness and stiffness similar to an erection as well as enlarging the penis. Unlike the soft, squishy feel of lipofilling or free-fat transfer, the stiffness and firmness of the fibrous tissue resulting from “The Thai Phalloplasty Procedure” is very hard and rigid and gets more so over time.

The results of this one-step, 30-minute, out-patient penis enlargment phalloplasty are immediate but the full results are achieved after two years.

Total increase in penis size varies from person to person but in the patient shown in the video, he gained about 43% increase in diameter and 100% at the base. The secret, traditional Thai oil used as filler stimulates tissue production which results in an overall size-increase, not only the firmness and stiffness resembling an erection.

Permanent stiffness and firmness — burden or blessing? Advantage or disadvantage? It depends very much on your personal perspective. It could drastically reduce the need for Viagra or a penile implant. And no going limp after ejaculating or having an orgasm might outweigh the extra work needed to unobtrusively pack away your always large package when needed.

A leading Thai phalloplasty Dr. offers 'The Thai Procedure'

The Thai plastic surgeon reports: “This technique is much, much better than all those others I've seen. All the popular filler techniques are not as good.” Those include lipofilling, FFT (free-fat transfer) and Alloderm insertion which the USA FDA specifically says should NOT be used for filler.

Years ago when this article was written, “The Thai Phalloplasty Procedure” might have been a 2nd choice worth considering. Not any longer that you can get injectable PLGA microspheres from Dr Kim Jin Hong MD PhD in nearby Seoul, Korea for US$3000.

The biggest advantages of the well-proven penis enlargement technique using tissue engineering and PLGA to generate adipose tissue are:

The Thai Procedure

Although the Thai plastic surgeon raves about “The Thai Phalloplasty Procedure” and reports patients, and especially their wives, are almost all very pleased with the penile augmentation, he prefers to be vague about the number of times he has performed the procedure.

He does warn that improper implementation of the technique can cause the oil to enter the scrotum or migrate elsewhere and would cause a hard lump. He also warns that insertion of the oil at the incorrect depth can also have unpleasant and unwanted results. For those reasons, we will put patients in contact with only this one plastic surgeon if they are interested in this technique.

But as mentioned at the start of this article, injectable PLGA tissue engineering makes this no longer an advisable solution under any circumstances.

If you still want to get this surgery, we require a non-refundable Administrative Fee of US$200 payable thru PayPal or Thai Baht 6400 by direct deposit to arrange an appointment with this plastic surgeon.

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The extremely well-documented advantages and safety of PLGA penis enlargement makes it difficult for us to encourage anyone that Thai Phalloplasty is worth considering.

We still get regular inquiries but tell everyone who asks that Thailand has changed and the world has changed and penis enlargement options have changed and the regional leader in this field, Dr Kim in Seoul, has prices equal to or more affordable than Bangkok.

We consider it no longer reasonable to rely totally on the ethics and expert medical opinion of the plastic surgeon offering Thai Phalloplasty that the procedure is safe since global testing and trials and documenation are not available.

Patients who want to make an appointment to get Thai Phalloplasty, can do that by submitting their medical history for his evaluation and proposing a date for their visit to Thailand. We will then advise you how to pay the administrative fee to make the appointment.

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