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“Medical-Tourism-in-Thailand.COM” provides reliable international medical tourism facts about affordable surgery abroad.

If you seek breast enlargement or plastic surgery in Thailand, our “observe & report” service will help you find the best value for money. Five years ago finding good deals was easy but not anymore.

Are you making decisions about your health based on very outdated information?

Thailand medical tourism offers affordable plastic surgery abroad at ISO-certified & JCI accredited Bangkok hospitals that have earned a place on our short list year after year.

Sommai cancer cure:cancer survival rates of 80%

Breast augmentation surgery starts at US$2,598. Cost of lap band surgery, including two nights stay in hospital — just US$9,000.

CANCER CURE: Dr Sommai Tongprasert MD, 92, perfected his herbal cancer cure over six decades of clinical cancer research with cancer survival rates of 90%+ for 1st & 2nd stage breast cancer treatment, lung cancer, osteogenic sarcoma & basal cell carcinoma.

Cure for cancer

Chosen Thailand's 2011 Person of the Year, Dr Sommai still treats patients daily. Breast cancer survival rate of his patients now exceeds 90% and over 80% for almost all other forms of cancer.

His own Thailand FDA registered (G 75/55) “G-Herb Capsule 1” cancer cure is now available from his cGMP-certified Tongprasert Osot pharmaceutical production facility!

Visible results in 21-90 days. 90-day treatment = 810 capsules for Baht 12,600 (Euros 315 | US$420).

G-Herb Capsule 1 cancer cure now available!

Medical tourism in Thailand is a low cost health insurance alternative and a great source for some of the things cheap health insurance usually excludes such as a cosmetic dentist.

We always recommend getting any surgery in Thailand ONLY in a full service hospital setting. We recommend no clinics. They're cheap but …

The latest in Thailand is that your plastic surgery medical tourism MUST be well guided or you may discover Bangkok hospitals catering to overseas patients charge the same or more than surgeons in the USA or London.

Thai people themselves should and ARE going elsewhere for the best value for money for:

That's why we're a leading source of information about Seoul's best plastic surgeons Sava Perovic Foundation with the world's best surgical solutions for all complex urogenital problems — extremely high success rates, remarkably low incidence of complications.

THAT'S where Thailand's leading pastic surgeons go for advanced training from Dr Rados Djinovic, the world's best urogenital reconstructive surgeon.

Bangkok does not have the best MtF SRS, just better self-promotion and marketing and slightly lower prices.

The Perovic Surgical Team no longer comes to Bangkok to provide reconstructive surgery training in the best FtM & MtF gender reassignment surgery but the ultimate plastic surgery phalloplasty — penis girth enhancement penis enlargement using tissue engineering continues to be available from the Perovic Foundation in Belgrade, Serbia.

photo: Medical tourism in Thailand means travel to a competent, licensed, experienced and skilled medical doctor for health care you can afford

If you need affordable health care or cosmetic surgery, you can still find an advanced health care center in Bangkok that is hi-tech, modern, effective & safe. Have chronic pain? International medical tourism gets you affordable medical diagnosis and treatment from a competent, licensed, experienced and skilled medical doctor who can give you the quality health care you need. Dr Somsak Lolekha MD, PhD, former president of the Medical Council of Thailand believes: “Medicine is about saving lives, not making money.”

Unfortunately, many Bangkok hospitals and many Thai doctors have adopted America's “health care for profit” model. They've become businessmen first, doctors second.

From medical tourism packages overseas to medical tourists agencies, anyone thinking about becoming a medical tourist will find this site about medical tourism in Thailand, and elsewhere, valuable food for thought and an answer to prayer.

Sleep study for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders

Thailand medical tourism still has some unique features and some good values for money but you may find our insights, comments, opinions, suggestions and questions relevant and applicable for any medical tourism outside of the USA, Australia, Canada or Europe.

NO CHARGE to help coordinate treatment in Thailand at hospitals in Bangkok. Hospitals in Thailand report our help greatly reduces problems & improves the patient experience.

We try our best to stay impartial, unbiased and give you current, accurate, medical tourism facts unlikely to be mentioned by medical tourism marketers. For nearly four decades we've been researching the top medical tourism hospitals in Thailand, using them for our own health care and that of our friends and loved ones, including many Thais.

“Just a quick note to thank you for all your assistance in arranging my operation. I am pleased to say that it has now been successfully done & after two weeks holiday in Thailand & Singapore to recuperate, I am now back in Australia. I was very impressed with the whole set up of the hospital & found it very professional & world class. I would have no hesitation in recommending you & your service as well as the hospital to anyone interested. Thanks also for arranging the resort … very comfortable & peaceful. Once again, thank you for all your help. Kind Regards. — Murray Patterson

There are many private hospitals in Bangkok. We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the cheap and the expensive. Our experience can help ensure you get excellent value for money — such as the beautiful, modern, friendly, top quality ISO certified, JCI-accredited hospital you CERTAINLY don't know about but we use ourselves.

Other USA medical tourists agencies may not have the experience abroad to give you a clear idea of what to expect overseas. We've got decades of first-hand experience to help you sort out the bewildering array of options:

Just finding all those destinations on a map is already exhausting. So many continents! So many countries! So many cities! So many hospitals! So many doctors!

Relax. Your search is over. Thailand has the quality health care you need at a price you can afford — if you are wel guided. Then you'll probably find you've got enough money for additional cosmetic plastic surgery and the dental work you've been postponing until you win the lottery. Dental care in Thailand costs about 85% less than the USA and 50-75% less than Mexico.

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